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Philippines ranks 81st in future readiness rankings

The Philippines ranked 81st out of 124 countries with a score of 35.29 in the Future Readiness Economic Index (FREI) by Washington-based nonprofit, nonpartisan research, and educational institute Portulans Institute. The index was built on Google’s initiative of Digital Sprinters which facilitates digital transformation in emerging markets and assists them in becoming digital sprinters. With the Digital Sprinters framework as its foundation, the index is based on four pillars: Physical Capital, Human Capital, Technology, and Competitiveness. The Philippines ranked the highest in Competitiveness, placing 57th with a score of 34.74, in Physical Capital (75th and 48.28) Human Capital (87th and 34.38) and in Technology (89th and 23.74). FREI has been developed to support countries in assessing the state of their future readiness and their efforts to stimulate greater sustainable, inclusive growth with digital transformation as an integral factor.

Philippines ranks 81<sup>st</sup> in future readiness rankings