THROUGH the Mitsubishi Repair Assistance Program, Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corp. (MMPC) and its 55-strong dealer network are extending substantial discounts on parts needed to get flood-damaged Mitsubishi vehicles back on the roads again.

Related parts and services ordered and invoiced for customers from Nov. 16, 2020 to Jan. 31, 2021 are entitled to discounts. A 30% discount applies on the electronic control unit (ECU), engine, transmission, SRS air bags, and the Mitsubishi Electronic Time and Alarm Control System (ETACS). Electrical, body, engine, and maintenance parts components (excluding lubricants) will be extended a 20% discount. Even labor cost will be slashed by 10%.

To facilitate the service even further, Mitsubishi dealerships will also assign a dedicated area for the servicing of such vehicles. A dedicated team of service advisors and technicians per dealership will be tasked to specifically handle flooded vehicle repairs and concerns. Dealership personnel will likewise immediately advise customers on the availability and estimated arrival of their ordered parts.

Customers are encouraged to set servicing appointments through the Mitsubishi Service Connect app.

“We at MMPC are deeply concerned about the welfare and peace of mind of our customers,” said MMPC After Sales Division Parts and Accessories Department Head Rodhan Baller. “Our goal is to get our customers mobile again so that they may return back to their normal routines. Through the Mitsubishi Repair Assistance Program, typhoon-damaged vehicles will be looked after, and returned to their optimal state whenever possible, so that the impact of these natural calamities on our customers will be minimized.”