THE Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) is holding its third outreach apprenticeship program for regional artists and cultural workers, but this time everything will be held virtually.

“Sharing and learning among practitioners in the field of arts and culture must continue despite the difficulties brought by the COVID-19 pandemic. Time and again, the arts have been proven to be a powerful gift that any person, community and nation can actually benefit and make use for healing, survival, transformation, development and peace. These are the very reasons why we pursue our regional community cultural outreach programs,” Chinggay Bernardo, the CCP’s cultural exchange department (CED) manager, said in a release.

Launched in 2018, the program has so far mentored 40 apprentices from 20 provinces nationwide. The program included modules on production management, production design and technical services, cultural exchange, and museum and gallery management, among others. The modules were “specifically designed for arts and culture practitioners” from the regional art centers in the country as it aims to advance “the culture, arts, and theater management in the regions and enhance their competence level and skills,” according to the release.

This year, the program modules will include management, production management, tour management, production design, venue operations and technical theater. Everything will be done virtually and will be done “utilizing various technology and new media platforms.”

The mentors will include CCP’s key officers and other experts — Aurea Brigino (UP Diliman/Arts Management), Chinggay Bernardo (Arts-Tour Management), Ricardo Cruz (Production Design), Nikki-Garde Torres (Production Management), Sar Canlas-Tala (Venue Operations), Arnelio Manzano and Orlan Absin of the CED for Technical Theater.

The program will run from Aug. 4 to 28.

This year’s batch of 28 will also get a chance to converse with masters of arts in various fields “through a series of colloquiums,” the release said.

For more information, contact the CCP Cultural Exchange Department via — ZBC