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Painting what your heart holds dear

AS PARENTS, Mario and Alma Miclat saw to it that their daughters—Maningning and Banaue—began honing their talents at a young age. Their eldest daughter, Maningning, was three years old when her mother saw her drawing of a “funny figure.”

Taking on the beast

TRANSLATING Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana into dance is a feat not for the fainthearted. Composed between 1935 and 1936, the cantata is a beast of a piece that plays at piety before descending into medieval debauchery.

The essence of martial arts

WHETHER it is making sushi, growing bonsai, drinking tea, or arranging flowers, there is art present in every aspect of Japanese culture. Beyond being a sport or methods of self defense, the martial arts are, as well, a Japanese art form.

The homecoming of the Spoliarium’s boceto

WHEN AN exquisite item has served its purpose with an owner, it a privilege of a new owner to enjoy and appreciate its beauty.

MCAD, Leon Gallery team up for fund-raising event

THE College of St. Benilde-School of Design and Art’s Museum of Contemporary Art and Design (MCAD) is partnering with Leon Gallery for an auction-exhibition that aims to raise funds for the museum’s endeavours over the next three years.

Healing through art and trees

NATURE and art can both lead to healing, so it is not surprising that a museum owned by a doctor provides both.

Three new prizes added to the Ateneo Art Awards 2018

THREE new awards were added to the roster of prizes given by The Ateneo Art Awards 2018, two for visual arts and one for the art criticism section.

Lungs is a breath of fresh air amidst the jukebox musicals

AFTER HAVING produced the successful musical, Eto na! Musikal nAPO!, 9 Works Theatrical is teaming up with Sandbox Collective for its next production, which is the total opposite of its jukebox musical: a straight play without props, costume changes, scene transitions, and intermission, and with only two actors on stage.

David Hockney could become the most expensive living artist in the...

DAVID HOCKNEY, the 81-year-old British painter of saturated landscapes and portraits, could become the most expensive living artist at auction this year.

ASEAN artists come together in a 3-part show

ON AUG. 8, 1967, the founding members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) — the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, and Thailand — signed a document (later known as the ASEAN Declaration) describing the region as “bound together by ties of history and culture.”

Bedazzled by bamboo

BAMBOO can be boring — a run-of-the-mill construction material, it doesn’t command attention unless when used as material for something unusual like bicycles or sunglasses. But for artist and fashion designer Anat Heifetz, the simple yet sturdy plants make for an interesting canvas.

Both the new and the old in focus in BM’s Tour...

BALLET MANILA (BM) is taking both the literal and figurative meanings of “Tour de Force” as the title of its 23rd season which opens in September.

Buy art. Help kids smile

ON VIEW at Solaire’s The Shoppes Artway gallery is an art exhibit for the benefit of kids with cleft palate in the Philippines.

A timely restaging of The Vagina Monologues

WITH THE many headlines about President Duterte’s inappropriate behavior and remarks about women, Senate President Sotto’s inept quip about groping women without their consent, and the many incidents of violence against women, there is a need, more than ever, for women to make themselves heard.

Mark Justiniani tackles the theme ‘Island Weather’ for PHL’s pavilion at...

IT WILL be interesting to see what artist Mark Justiniani will pull out of his sleeve for the Philippines’ participation at the 58th Venice Art Biennale in Italy next year.

A problem of language and art

IT SAYS something about the place of English as a language and medium of discourse in this country that for the first time since it started in 2014, the annual Ateneo Art Awards-Purita Kalaw-Ledesma Prizes in Art Criticism has received an essay written in Filipino. And despite any merits it may have, it cannot win precisely because of the language it is written in.

Cosmos, Legos, and Jinggoy Buensuceso’s distortions

A MAN WHO works in multiple mediums, artist Jinggoy Buensuceso demonstrates in his ongoing exhibition how he marries materials and methods.

Art dealer ‘finds’ six de Koonings in New Jersey storage unit

NEW YORK — When an American art dealer dropped $15,000 on what he thought was “junk” in a New Jersey storage locker, he never imagined it could be the deal of a lifetime.

Awit ng barkada

THE popularity of jukebox musicals featuring the songs of a well-known performer (think Mamma Mia! and Rock of Ages) shows no sign of waning, particularly in the Philippines. While PETA has Rak of Aegis and Resorts World Manila has Eraserhead’s Ang Huling El Bimbo, 9 Works Theatrical and Globe Live join in the musical fun with Eto na! Musikal nAPO!, which pays tribute to yet another local music icon, the APO Hiking Society.

Tam-Awan: Celebrating the Cordillera arts for 20 years

BAGUIO’s Tam-Awan Village is celebrating its 20th anniversary with a travelling art exhibition featuring artists it has worked with through the years. Naturally, some of the subjects are about nature, the culture of the Cordillera, and the indigenous peoples and their artefacts like a native bag or bracelet.

Want an Amorsolo but don’t have P46 million lying around? Then...

WANT an Amorsolo for your home but don’t have the millions to spare for an original? How about an Amorsolo on a plate instead? Rustan’s in partnership with the Amorsolo family has launched a limited-edition home collection inspired by National Artist for Painting Fernardo Amorsolo’s works.

Art Basel owner chases Asia’s rich with new Singapore fair

MCH Group AG, the owner of Art Basel, is launching a new art fair in Singapore starting next year to take advantage of the growing wealth in Asia, which is minting millionaires faster than any other region in the world.

Guadalupe: The Musical — Bringing hope to the world

EVENTS WHICH happened in Mexico over 400 years ago still resonate today, and these events will be told through a musical.

Hidden room, secret prices give way as Gagosian embraces the Web

THERE’S an upside to transparency in the art market after all.

Rockestra 2018: MSO goes beyond Mozart

THE MANILA Symphony Orchestra (MSO) has given us some of the best classical music performances in the country, and from time to time, they do small-scale collaborations with other artists on fusion genres and add some musical variety to their plate.

Signature Art Prize gives voice to minorities

By Sam L. Marcelo, Associate Editor, High Life Verdant in color and languid in pace, Phan Thao Nguyen’s Tropical Siesta was named the Grand Prize...

Art talk

By Sam L. Marcelo, Associate Editor, High Life MEANDERING AND THOUGHTFUL, the jurors’ panel at the Asia Pacific Breweries Foundation Signature Art Prize covered a wide...

Why show art in a hotel?

AT ITS most basic, the task of a hotel is to give you a bed to stay in for a short period of time. The Conrad Manila elevates the experience of a hotel stay by displaying works by esteemed Filipino artists in its quarterly Art and Wine.

Banksy’s subversive art draws tourists and locals in Paris

PARIS — British graffiti artist Banksy, known for his politically charged sketches on walls from London to New York to Gaza City, has descended on Paris, painting a series of murals that are sparking debate among residents and tourists.

Louvre sets up Beyonce and Jay-Z art tour

PARIS — The Louvre has dedicated a new art tour to Beyonce and Jay-Z after pop’s biggest power couple shot the video for their latest hit in the Paris museum.

New on UNESCO’s Heritage List: a national park, hunting grounds, an...

MANAMA, BAHRAIN — Colombia’s massive Chiribiquete National Park has made UNESCO’s World Heritage List, the United Nations body announced Sunday at a meeting in the Bahraini capital Manama. It is one of several new places that have made the list over the weekend. UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee has been meeting in Manama since June 24.

Saving the Pasig River through an arts program

A NUMBER OF arts activities are scheduled in six cities of Metro Manila until December as an initiative to raise awareness of the need to rehabilitate the Pasig River.

Imagining a children’s museum

ENGAGING and fun — these are how CANVAS, or the Center for Art, New Ventures and Sustainable Development, conceptualizes how a children’s museum should feel like. And the group has put its idea to the test in its ongoing public exhibition, Tumba Tumba Children’s Museum of Philippine Art.

Abstract or figurative? Or maybe both

NO visual artist is ever one dimensional. They may start off working on still lifes, and end up pursuing abstract images, or the other way around. They may even start playing with sculptures and installations. But it is almost always certain that artists have one medium they are most comfortable to work with. But Renaissance Art Gallery’s ongoing exhibition called Ambidextrous recognizes and celebrates the duality, even multiplicity, of some visual artists’ skills in moving from one medium, technique, or style to another.

Sculptor Alberto Giacometti’s Paris studio opens to the public

PARIS — More than 50 years after his death, art lovers can see sculptor Alberto Giacometti’s Parisian studio exactly as he left it, right down to half-finished sketches and his ashtray.

Spain’s Unfinished business

SPAIN’s 2016 entry at the Venice Architecture Biennale has found a temporary home at the reconstructed San Ignacio Church in Intramuros, the Walled City of Manila.

What’s in a name?

AN ONGOING exhibition at the Ayala Museum called Historia showcases 54 artworks that span the history of the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) from 1851 when BPI was still called Banco Español Filipino de Isabel II to today’s modern art in keeping with today’s modern bank.

Ballet Manila brings Asian and American dancers together on one stage

EAST MEETS WEST and converge onstage as Ballet Manila presents American Stars Gala, a one-night only concert that features some of today’s brightest and...

At world’s biggest art fair, squeezed mid-market raises concerns

BASEL, SWITZERLAND — In a year when many major galleries made record sales, conversations at the world’s biggest art fair last week were not just about the eye-watering sums paid for top works, but also about how to ensure the viability of the market’s lower end.

Artist Christo floats tomb of barrels in London’s Hyde Park

LONDON — A 20-meter high sculpture of an ancient Egyptian tomb, made from 7,506 red, white, and mauve barrels, has taken temporary residence amid the aquatic wildlife on a lake in London’s Hyde Park.

Virgin Labfest presents a Marawi-inspired musical alongside an EJK play and...

BESIDES the usual stories of friendship and romance, the Virgin Labfest’s entries this year include stories on social issues like extrajudicial killings and the effects of the seige of Marawi.

Long Live Print: Tirada exhibit shows 50 years of printmaking

LIKE BOOKS, newspapers, and magazines that struggle to survive the digital and paperless world, print, as a form of art, is also confronted by the same dilemma — and more.

Artist Pfrommer goes on blurring the lines

LAST YEAR, German artist-photographer Sven Pfrommer showcased a two-part portrait series and photo installations of Manila’s construction workers in what he called their “contemporary fashion style” — wearing a T-shirt turned into a face mask, which protects them from heat and dust while working. Mr. Pfrommer is back, but this time, his subjects are random and blurry.

With Art Beat 3, is Tagaytay the next Malasimbo?

Local bands and artists are flocking to the south.

The Bootleg Project tackles the thriving black market

IMITATION MAY be the sincerest form of flattery, but in a world where brands, artists, and services strive to be original and different, fakery — or bootlegging — can really get annoying.