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Prestone warns vs fake products


AUTO CARE fluids specialist Prestone, a brand established in 1927, warns against counterfeit products. “If you aim to protect your car and withstand unforeseen accidents or costly repairs, Prestone emphasizes the importance of using genuine products designed specifically to meet your vehicle’s needs,” said Clorox Southeast Asia Marketing Manager Monique Gonzalez.

The company mentions “3Ps” for the protection of consumers. First is the packaging. While counterfeit Prestone products try to mimic the appearance of the genuine items, there are telltale signs to watch for (see images). Second, beware if the price of the product is “significantly cheaper,” Prestone advised. “If they are marketed as discounts, please double-check if Prestone is having a promotional sale. If not, it’s probably fake,” it said. Lastly, customers are requested to buy only from official Prestone partner stores like Blade, Ace, Handyman, TrueValue, and auto-supply shops nationwide.

For more information, visit https://www.prestone.com.ph/ or like and follow the official Facebook account (prestoneofficial).

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