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IdeaSpace Accelerator Program Cohort 11 showcases six distinct startups in Demo Day

Cohort 11 startup founders celebrate a successful Demo Day with IdeaSpace President Butch Meily, outgoing Executive Director Katrina Rausa Chan, newly appointed Executive Director Jay Fajardo, former Head of Startup Development Alwyn Rosel, and Program Manager Shoraliah Macalbe.

PHL startup ecosystem pioneer introduced as IdeaSpace’s new executive director

Celebrating the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship, IdeaSpace, a startup enabler supported by the PLDT and Metro Pacific group of companies, recently hosted a demo day for Cohort 11 of the IdeaSpace Accelerator Program.

The event provided a platform for visionary techpreneurs to pitch their ventures and showcase their journey towards reaching their growth targets and milestones throughout the program to investors, partners, and key ecosystem stakeholders. They were introduced to the community by IdeaSpace’s new Executive Director Jay Fajardo, one of the pioneers of the Philippine startup ecosystem.

Six groundbreaking startups pitched at the IdeaSpace Accelerator Program Cohort 11 Demo Day. Hey Roomie is a community engagement app propelling how people can connect and monetize their interests and passions online. ITOOH Homestyle is a digital platform that aggregates the finest local furniture and art.

kazam, meanwhile, is a platform that aims to directly connect kasambahays and homeowners, presenting safer and smarter online interactions; while Kintab is a mobile car care platform designed to cater to car owners with packed schedules.

Kippap Learning Corp. is an education tech startup focused on empowering students and regulated professionals to prepare for board exams; while Molinos de la Especia is a consumer packaged goods provider aiming to bring premium spices globally.

Each startup brought something unique to the table, demonstrating their significant growth, market traction, and bold visions for the future with innovative technologies and robust business models.

Throughout the 5-month IdeaSpace Accelerator Program, the startups had the opportunity to gain valuable insights into best practices for business operations, fund raising, marketing, and sales. They were guided by seasoned mentors with prominent roles in the local and global startup ecosystem, enriching their knowledge and capacities for success.

“Our latest cohort demonstrates the spirit of innovation and creativity that define the Philippine startup landscape. Through our Accelerator Program, we’ve not only provided them with the tools and guidance to thrive but also built a community where fresh ideas flourish. I am confident that these visionary entrepreneurs will continue to make waves, driving our nation towards a future brimming with opportunity and prosperity,” said Butch Meily, president of IdeaSpace.

Following the theme “Propelling Filipino Startups,” the IdeaSpace Accelerator Program continues to serve as an avenue for high-growth potential startups to reach the next step in their ventures. Committed to nurturing the next generation of Filipino entrepreneurs, IdeaSpace enables them to create positive change in society through innovative ideas.

IdeaSpace’s newly appointed Executive Director Jay Fajardo

Mr. Fajardo, the new executive director, also brings a fresh perspective and strategic vision to the forefront of the organization. Mr. Fajardo’s leadership heralds an exciting new chapter for the accelerator program, allowing a booming landscape where Filipino entrepreneurs can thrive.

“Cohort 11 represents an emerging breed of robust startups focused on practical fundamentals and sound unit economics. The founders have placed great emphasis on generating sustainable revenues and maintaining profitability while delivering tech-enabled innovation. This trend is particularly common with resilient startups during economic downturns in the past and is typical of the winners when economic cycles resume their upward trend. We’re glad to have played a role in strengthening Cohort 11’s best practices, business models, and value proposition — increasing their chances for success,” shared Mr. Fajardo.

To know more about the IdeaSpace Accelerator Program Cohort 11 startup participants, view the online magazine at https://heyzine.com/flip-book/8e67aa6b48.html.

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