Zoho’s Commerce Plus platform to help small businesses in branding

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ZOHO CORP. has launched a software that could help small businesses develop their own branding while easing tasks.

Gibu Mathew, vice president and general manager of Asia Pacific of Zoho, said Commerce Plus will allow small business owners to manage all tasks on their own and maintain inventory in several other platforms.

“E-commerce has very specialized vendors, specialized in the sense of having only payment processing or logistics, or online shopping, so we came up with a solution which includes all these 40 products tailored for e-commerce, which are vertical,” he told BusinessWorld in a recent interview.

“Commerce Plus platform that is something a small business could put their goods online and have an online footprint,” he said.

Zoho is an India-based software company founded in 1996 which focuses on developing web-based business tools and IT solutions like office tools suites, Internet of Things management platforms and a suite of IT management software.

The Commerce Plus platform brings more than 40 Zoho products together for sales and marketing, finance, email and collaboration, IT and help desk, human resources, and custom solutions, allowing the owner to do all tasks by himself.

Moreover, this may also serve as a backup store for the owner in case his store in another platform will be knocked out due to changes in policies or shutdown.

Notably, since small businesses tend to be on online platforms with other small stores, branding is most of the time neglected. Through this platform, business owners can have their own website and even create their own storefront.

“Many times, small businesses miss out on one thing: they lose out in their own branding, so when you go and sell on other platforms, you don’t have your own brand…but you are doing all the hard work, so that is when a small business should have its own branded store,” he explained.

“Once you go online, when you start having your platform to take care of all these aspects, it becomes more powerful, and that is the unique selling point of the Zoho Commerce Plus Platform,” he noted.

Business owners can also personalize the store according to what they want and according to the market where they are in. As an example, Mr. Mathew said if a business sells in multiple countries, the owner can set the products to be featured in the store depending on the location.

This will cost companies $20 per month. Interested companies can avail of the software through the company’s website. — Vincent Mariel P. Galang