YouTube’s Top 10 Ads in the second half of 2016

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VIDEO-SHARING platform YouTube Philippines recently released its list of Top 10 ads for the second half of 2016 — a list that included sentimental stories and a lot of song-and-dance.

YouTube’s Top 10 Ads in the second half of 2016

The YouTube ads leaderboard is a biannual recognition of the brands whose ads captured the interest of Filipino online viewers based on a combination of popularity and promotion. It also shows what can be achieved through the creativity and power of online video.

Gabby Roxas, marketing manager of Google Philippines, highlighted key trends from the leaderboard during the announcement of top ads on March 23 at the Google Headquarters in BGC, Taguig.

First is applying old rules to a new medium. Though the existence of the digital platform required some changes to how the game is played, old advertising rules still apply.

Next is to entertain first and sell later. Some of the ads were viewed on YouTube mainly because of the story. It may be a joke or the use of stunning scenery, but it effectually wins the audience.

Another is “lights, camera, music!” Let’s face it, Filipinos love catchy commercial jingles. Music videos, he said, are hugely popular on YouTube so it was no surprise that five out of the 10 ads that placed in the list were that type.

Lastly, Mr. Roxas pointed out how advertisers took advantage of YouTube’s platform to extend the life of their television ads.

“On digital, brands are not bound by the same structures of time and money that limit TV spots… This leaderboard shows that great stories of all lengths can work well on the platform,” he said.

With creativity thriving in the Filipino ad industry, he said, digital ads aren’t just about ones and zeroes, they are about creating an emotional connection with viewers. Uploads for YouTube in the Philippines have also increased by 45% compared to last year.

“Brands in the Philippines have embraced digital video and have produced ads that viewers have chosen to watch — in some cases millions of times. With this leaderboard we see YouTube doing what it does best, enabling brands to find an audience of passionate fans on topics that are important to them. What’s great about these ads is that they appeal to a wide range of people, everyone from moms to millennials,” he said.

Here are the Top 10 Ads that made it to the YouTube Leaderboard in the second half of 2016:

• Nestlé Philippines’ — James Reid shows how to #BeatEnergyGap with MILO Champ Moves

James Reid’s “Beat energy, energy gap!” song had everyone suffering from LSS (last song syndrome). Ellen Isturis, Nestlé’s vice-president for lead consumer marketing, said that the extended version of Milo’s ad on YouTube was intended to further promote an active lifestyle. It was also meant as a tutorial for the dance competitions they were holding in various schools.

• Knorr Philippines — #AsimKiligPaMore Acapella Remix

Kristine Go, global brand director for Unilever Singapore-Knorr, said the ad was intended for mothers who do the cooking at home. With the children in the ad singing while emptying their bowls of sinigang, a mother watching it would probably think, “Hey, why not cook sinigang for lunch today?”

• Downy Philippines — BOOM BOOM POW — Dance Total

Another ad with children, dance, and music. Downy (Procter & Gamble) brand manager Cebric LeGoff said the idea for the dance tutorial was for it to stick to viewers minds — while getting rid of that smell that sticks in your clothes.

• Nescafé Philippines — Kathniel: Stay For A While

Filipinos love teleseryes and having one of the country’s hottest love team on board fits in right with the ad’s concept, said Nestlé Brand Manager Enrico Yee, especially as the creamy coffee makes it more romantic. He said that using endorsers can be polarizing, but it ideally works hand in hand.

• Smart Communications, Inc. — Sino ang nagpaiyak kay Jasmine?

The challenge was to encourage Filipinos to move from Wi-Fi to mobile Internet. Smart Senior Brand Manager Chips Villanueva said the ad featuring actress Jasmine Curtis-Smith was meant to explain what Smart is offering in its prepaid promo, which is hard to explain in a TV commercial’s limited time. But with a platform like YouTube, the longer length makes it easier to engage viewers and sell the product effectively.

• BONAKID Pre-school — Learn the BONAKID PRE-SCHOOL 3+ moves

Wyeth-Bonakid Senior Brand Manager Ma. Sarinah Flores said when the TV ad was pulled out, mothers were asking them to bring it back. So they made a dance tutorial specifically for children and uploaded it on YouTube.

• Globe — Most Beautiful Island in the Philippines — Scenezoned (S01E01 with Solenn Heussaff)

Globe Telecom is trying to engage its audience by uploading quality content on its YouTube channel, Globe Studios, including a series of videos titled “Scenezoned,” an exploration of seven destinations in the Philippines done in partnership with Samsung S7. The most viewed episode was the first featuring Solenn Heussaff in Palawan. Globe Prepaid Head KD Dizon said they have also engaged viewers, especially travel junkies, with the stunning scenery shown in the ad.

• Jollibee Philippines — Kwentong Jollibee: Kahera

While the #KwentongJollibee series was launched back in February 2016, three of its more recent videos went viral early this year because of their tear-jerking plots. However, Kahera, which was uploaded in celebration of Grandparents’ Day back in September, had already been a favorite because of its heartwarming story. Jollibee’s Assistant Vice-President for marketing Kent Mariano said, “If you have great content, you would not notice how long you’ve been watching… The love affair of Jollibee with Filipinos will continue as long as our customers will continue to love and get engaged with our stories.”

• Jollibee Philippines — Bunso

The ad centers on the youngest member of the family, or the bunso, who is left unnoticed as everyone focuses on their gadgets’ screens. Only when the mother comes home with a bucket of Jollibee Chickenjoy does everyone in the family gather around. Francis Flores, Jollibee Global Brand chief marketing officer, said “nowadays, face-to-face connections like that are very rare — and the Chickenjoy was just an instrument.”

• Safeguard Philippines — Global Handwashing Day

Safeguard release a creative infomercial in line with Global Handwashing Day in October last year. Safeguard Country Marketing Manager Jianina Salindong-Du said it was their first time to use “music marketing” and an influencer — child star Sebastian Benedict “Baste” Granfon Arumpac — for an ad. — Camille Anne M. Arcilla