AFTER over half a year of COVID-19-induced quarantines, many Filipinos have discovered the joys of baking. Now that burgeoning community of Pinoy home bakers has given rise to a movement for good, built on the back of that old reliable in fundraising efforts: the humble bake sale.

Two college students — Kia Alampay and Jaime David, both from Ateneo de Manila — have, over Instagram, organized amateur and small-bakery owners to raise funds for a variety of beneficiaries — from displaced jeepney and tricycle drivers and beleaguered journalists, to homeless elderly LGBTQs.

Ms. Alampay and Mr. David’s Bake Sale for Better PH (BSFB-PH) raised nearly P132,000 in a weeklong bake sale in July, of which every centavo went to the above charities. Now, for the August round of BSFB-PH, they hope to outpace that effort, and raise funds for IT gadgets for students in the provinces, food supplements for young mothers, a COVID-19 dashboard for the youth, financial aid for children of Katipunan jeepney drivers, and a shelter for stray dogs.

Equally noteworthy for Bake Sale for Better PH is the growing community of young and new bakers that have gathered around the cause of helping others. The first round of the bake sale raised funds on the back of goods donated by 30 bakers. This August, 40 volunteers are making cakes, cookies, pastries, bottled coffee, and pies both savory and sweet. The bakers donate the goodies, Ms. Alampay and Mr. David take care of the marketing and sales, and all the money raised will go to the list of charities ultimately selected by the buyers.

The August bake sale started on Aug. 19, and will run until Aug. 25, for limited batches baked up by the volunteer and donor bakers. Follow @BakeSaleforBetterPH on Instagram.

Bakers who are interested in donating and volunteering for subsequent bake sales — monthly week-long runs are being planned — may send an e-mail at

How it works

Around once a month, the BSFB-PH team holds a week-long virtual bake sale on Instagram to raise funds for relevant issues. Donors are given the freedom to decide which funds they would like to donate to, and purchase products using their donation receipts. The catalogue of goodies, which includes treats from bakers, bakeshops, and baristas, is available every bake sale on the Instagram page.

Bake Sale for Better PH, which is currently operating in Metro Manila, is the little brother of Canada-based fundraiser Bake Sale for Better, which was founded by 28-year-old Mia David. Ms. David drew inspiration from similar Instagram projects such as @bakesaleforbail, and sought to implement a similar idea in Toronto. Her younger brother, fresh Ateneo graduate Jaime David, found an opportunity to bring the project to the Philippines, and partnered with fifth-year Ateneo undergraduate Kia Alampay to establish and run the fundraiser.    

BSFB-PH aims to create continuous assistance, and community engagement for various social causes in the country.

July 8 marked the end of the first week-long bake sale. The fundraiser raised P131,848  in donations, made to The Golden Gays, Project Kaagapay (COVID-19), National Union of Journalists of the Philippines, TODA Pansol Tricycle Drivers, and the South Jeepney Drivers Donation Fund (Sucat-Baclaran).