World-class virtual learning for students

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Security Bank partners with 88tuition and to provide quality e-learning programs

On the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, classrooms were among many areas where disruption was immediately seen. All of a sudden schools were closed, compelling the education sector to shift to online learning.

Security Bank has taken notice of the current situation of education in the country. While its endeavors to ensure the well-being of employees, customers, and all stakeholders, it also has started seeking out to fill the gap in education caused by the crisis.

Security Bank and its corporate social responsibility arm, Security Bank Foundation, Inc. (SBFI), advocates for education as a long-term solution to poverty alleviation. The foundation has been building classrooms, under their multi-award winning Build a School, Build a Nation program; training and developing teachers, and providing scholarships to deserving students under their “Scholars for Better Communities” program.

“We focused our advocacy on education because we believe that education is the greatest equalizer in life, for it will give every person the opportunity to succeed in life, no matter what his or her social and economic background may be,” Chairman of Security Bank Foundation, Inc.  Rafael F. Simpao, Jr. said.

Even as classes were stopped due to COVID-19, Security Bank and Security Bank Foundation remains committed to its advocacy to provide quality education to all students. In particular, the Bank looked for partners who can provide quality alternative learning services to children and families. Among the partnerships the Bank has formed is with e-learning platform, 88Tuition and with online youth platform,

World-class e-learning for diverse levels

88Tuition is a Singapore-based e-learning platform with the social objective of making quality video-based learning material available to all students.

With lessons for Grade 1 to Grade 10 students, 88Tuition offers a complete curriculum accessible to one’s fingertips anytime. It also creates a wonderful opportunity for children and parents to bond while they are engaging in valuable learning activities.

Security Bank brings 88Tuition closer to its debit and credit cardholders as they can access the materials for free until June 30, 2020. They will also receive an exclusive discount once the free access ends.

Since the launch of 88Tuition in the country earlier this year, the platform established through the partnership with Security Bank has helped over 2,500 students who have been learning Math, English, Science, and Mandarin Chinese.

“We are delighted to partner with Security Bank, bringing very high-quality education to all students… 88tuition gives the student complete control over the learning process. [It is] affordable education for all,” Founder and CEO of 88Tuition Anil Ahuja said.

Advanced and tailored online learning for seniors

Grade 11 and 12 students are not left behind. With SBFI’s partnership with — the largest online youth platform in the Philippines that empowers students aged 13 to 23 — to make self-aware education decisions that lead to a fulfilling career and life.

Resources of — include Online Ed, Certificate Courses, and Skills Kit — enable students to find and take the paths best suited to their own interests, skills, and priorities.

“For, ‘making the future less scary’ means reducing uncertainty, and we are fortunate and excited to work with Security Bank to promote opportunities that help upskill students and lead them toward their dream careers,” CEO and founder of Henry Motte-Munoz said.

Through SBFI, senior high students can take short courses from for free. SBFI also helped promote the’s platforms through the Bank’s Facebook page, e-mails sent to employees and partner schools, as well as targeted communication to SBFI scholars.

Starting May 27, senior students of Security Bank cardholders can access specialized courses — including computer-related, administration, self-development, and writing — from online institutions such as Udemy, Kadenze, and Google Garage via for free.

For FVP and head of SB Cards Business Development and Operations Group Celeste Lim, Security Bank strongly believes that a better future lies with continuous and more access to learning and development, which platforms like and 88tuition can supplement anytime and anywhere.

“With our partners, we make education easily available to everyone especially during these unprecedented times,” she added.

Security Bank encourages students and families to experience the power of e-learning through 88Tuition and and experience world-class education right at the comforts of their homes.

“We want to support all Filipino families.” President and CEO of Security Bank Sanjiv Vohra said. “We collaborated with Singapore’s 88Tuition, and to provide clients with world-class learning opportunities, and we extended the same opportunities to the broader community and public at large. We are optimistic that with these partnerships, together, we can get better.” he added. — Adrian Paul B. Conoza