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Nanette Franco-Diyco

THE OPENING frames immediately trumpet a great celebration. You see it; you hear it; you feel it. Enter frame, this celebrity endorser who has over the years been identified with Goldilocks: Judy Ann Santos. And with a beautifully sung joyful jingle, we celebrate along with Judy Ann a huge milestone for Goldilocks: its 50th anniversary.

It’s a creative triumph by advertising agency PC&V Communications which has partnered with Goldilocks for more than 10 years. I must say that the underpinnings of the creative concept reflect a deep and full understanding of Goldilocks’ history and culture.

The 30-second television commercial is code-named “Numbers.” Very apt since the jivy soundtrack sings it all. PC&V president and chief creative officer Juan Ariel Comia explained that the concept is based on the fact that there a Goldilocks cake is consumed in more than 12,600,000 celebrations every year.


The commercial flows beautifully with varied separate celebrations of different families: birthday parties, all sorts of anniversaries, graduations, baptismal parties, revelations of love and even proposals of marriage. “You name it; Goldilocks cakes are part of each” can very well be the key response of the target market.

It is amazing that each celebration is distinctly different — casting is terrific, and the viewer actually sees himself as part of every scene. Director Aries “Dragon” Pineda kept each celebration distinctly alive and joyful. The entire commercial is paced so well. One literally feels like dancing with it. PC&V creative director Carol San Pedro revealed that the music was adapted from our favorite musical, Rent. Its vitality truly seemed created for this Goldilock’s piece. Great choice!

Judy Ann’s spiel flows smoothly and elegantly into what turns out to be a sales promo, part of Goldilock’s integrated marketing campaign. This is unravelled in a longer digital advertisement that is also part of the 50th anniversary celebration. Good thinking here as one is lured into greater involvement with the celebration. It’s also another facet of marketing where one may go into any Goldilocks outlet to hunt for cake decorations and the like.

I would, however, have linked the billboard that I saw weeks before the TVC launch more closely with the celebratory look and tonality of the television commercial.

Ariel Comia nonetheless countered, “With this campaign, we take pride in not just counting years and wishes, smiles and blessings, along with our client. We are also happy that the TVC is counting over 3.3 million views and 1,800 shares on Goldilocks’ Facebook page and, as per our client’s feedback, has generated increased sales in ‘Greeting Cakes’ since the launch of the TVC.”

Goldilocks marketing director Cherry Caluya said, “Goldilocks is and has always been the most loved Filipino bake shop. We have always been known for the many sweet and delightful moments [which] we celebrate with three generations of customers here and abroad.”

I must confess I am most tempted to try their best-sellers, the Royal Fudge Cake with Toblerone and the Choco Velvet Cake with Oreo. My mother says that their chocolate cake had long been a standard favorite since way back during our college days. Call that unbeatable word-of-mouth advertising!

Great collaboration of client and agency here! Take a bow, Goldilocks and PC&V Communications.

Credits. Client-company, Goldilocks Bakeshop: Cherry Caluya, marketing director; Sali Sauco, marketing manager. Advertising agency, PC&V Communications. Juan Ariel Comia, president and chief creative officer; Carol Lopez-San Pedro, creative director/copywriter; Janina Guerrero, art director; Rachel Santos, client services director; Carrie Gana Pulido, account director; Paula Mallare, account manager; Dante Nora and Ramir Tiamzon, producers; Aries “Dragon” Pineda, director. Production house, Filmex. Audio production house, Hit Productions.

Nanette Franco-Diyco ended her 15th year advertising career as Vice-President of JWT, segueing into the world of academe, currently teaching communications at the Ateneo de Manila University.