Weather officials warn of landslides anew in Cordillera due to typhoon Paeng

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RAINS BROUGHT by typhoon Paeng (international name: Trami) could cause landslides anew in the Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR) with soil in the mountainous areas still drenched from the monsoon rains and the previous typhoon, Ompong. Officials from weather bureau PAGASA, in a streamed press conference yesterday morning, said it would be best for residents in landslide-prone areas to take preemptive evacuation measures. PAGASA Assistant Weather Services Chief Rene B. Paciente said the soil in CAR is still “saturated” and even just moderate rains or localized thunderstorms could trigger landslides. As of Monday’s 11 a.m. update, Paeng is forecasted to bring rains from the evening of Sept. 24 to the 25th in CAR and the extreme northern Luzon parts. PAGASA said tropical cyclone warning signals may be raised by Thursday.