Watsons expands Collagen, Natural lines

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WATSONS PHILIPPINES is ramping up its name-brand selections as it expands its Collagen line to include products for specific skin types and re-brands its year-old Naturals line which also introduced four new lines of products.

“A lot of people think collagen is just for anti-aging but collagen is actually a nutrient that is important as a building block for your skin,” Jared Ernest M. de Guzman, group category manager of Watsons Philippines, told the media during the launch of the new products from the Collagen by Watsons line in September.

Though products from the Collagen by Watsons line have been popping up in Watsons stores since last year, many of the products were under the Nourishing line, said to solve “dryness, roughness and skin dullness,” according to a company press release.

Collagen by Watsons — which includes products ranging from face masks to serums, moisturizers to body lotions, among others — has become of one Watsons’ best-sellers since its introduction to the stores, noted Karen Fabres, Watsons group marketing manager.

That prompted the company to come out with three other lines meant to solve specific skin problems: White Regeneration for fairer skin, Skin Renew for fine lines and wrinkles, and Hydro Balance for moisturized skin.

“No matter what your skin concern may be, Collagen by Watsons should be able to address all of these,” said Mr. De Guzman.

“Before it was all about glutathione and vitamin E, now people are talking about collagen and I think that’s why the line has gained popularity. Now, basically, the other ranges are designed to complement what other skin care concerns you have,” he added.

Aside from the Collagen line, which launched in September, Watsons has also come out with four new ranges for its Naturals line (which was introduced last year): Aloe Vera, Paw Paw, Rice Bran, and Macadamia in addition to the original Olive, Argan, and Marula.

“We not only did a re-packaging, we also reformulated [our existing lines] so all of our products now have double the power. Which basically means we combined the essence and the oils of the plant in all of the products so it give more benefits than before,” said Mr. De Guzman during the launch on Oct. 17 at Le Petit Souffle in Makati City.

The Argan, Marula, Olive, and Macadamia lines focus on hair products (hair oil, serum, shampoo and condition), while Paw Paw, Aloe Vera, and Rice Bran come in the form of body lotions.

“The majority of the products are made in Thailand — that’s actually how we can make the prices competitive — but all of the ingredients are sourced from… where the ingredients are prime so we can get you the best benefits,” he said adding that the aloe vera is sourced from the US and the UK, argan is sourced from Morocco, olive is sourced from Italy, paw paw and macadamia are sourced from Australia, marula is taken from parts of Africa, and the rice bran is from Japan.

The Naturals line has been in Watsons store for over a year now but according to Mr. De Guzman, this line has been quite popular.

“Ever since, the growth [of the line] has been great. We have experienced more than double-digit growth year on year because I think Filipinos really love natural products,” he noted.

Next year, he said, they are looking to introduce skin care products into the existing lines. — Z.B. Chua