Want to know what’s in store in the Year of the Earth Dog?

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FEB. 16 WILL be a day of lion and dragon dances, fireworks, placing a variety of round fruits on the dining table, singing “Gong Xi, Gong Xi” (the Chinese New Year song), eating tikoy (a glutinous rice cake), and, of course, getting a forecast of what’s in store for 2018 — all part and parcel of a Chinese New Year celebration in the Philippines.

In line with Resorts World Manila’s Imperial Festival celebrations for the occasion, the “world leading authority in the field of Chinese Metaphysics” and chief consultant of the Joey Yap Consulting Group, Dato’ Joey Yap will hold the Manila leg of his Feng Shui and Metaphysics world tour on Feb. 7, 8:30 a.m., at the Manila Ballroom of the Marriott Hotel Manila at Pasay City’s Resorts World Manila (RWM). Mr. Yap will discuss forecasts on health, wealth, career, and relationships, the 2018 global economic outlook, and the use of auspicious dates (for weddings, renovations, opening a business, etc.) in 2018.

“We are not fortune-tellers… we do destiny analysis,” Joey Yap Consulting Group master consultant Iverson Lee said at a press briefing on Jan. 18 at RWM’s Passion restaurant.

Mr. Lee elaborated that the practice of metaphysics guides one on how to take action to fulfill one’s destiny. “In order to become successful, [we] are not just dependent on luck alone. Luck is just one portion of the success equation. We also talk about the five formulas to success. Luck is one of them… Then, the second one is skills… We never stop learning. The third [thing] is choices. Fourth, look for strategy. Fifth, [the] environment — choosing the people we spend time with.”

Mr. Lee also added that the seminar will tackle one’s personal opportunities, and obstacles and how to solve them. “Do not underestimate what we can do in one year. It will make [a] huge impact,” he said.

A typical analysis of one’s life potential may be read using a BaZi (astrology) chart which helps one realize opportunities and focus on solutions. A personal BaZi chart may be plotted after entering one’s complete name, birthdate, and time of birth through the following link —

During the press briefing, Mr. Lee explained how to read one’s opportunities in wealth, relationship, and health. Mr. Lee said that wealth opportunities can be checked through visible animal signs in one’s chart such as the horse, ox, goat which fall under four columns — year, month, day, and hour. “The best animal sign [falls] in the month because it represents [your] career of business.”

For relationship opportunities, the animal signs are pig, snake, and rabbit. “The rabbit in 2018 represents passion in the relationship,” Mr. Lee said. As for the pig animal sign, it represents a happy event related to a relationship such as getting married, and/or having children or grandchildren. Lastly, the rooster, dog, and rat animal signs focus on maintenance on good health. “The chart does not cause you sickness… [It’s just] to notify you so you can take precaution.”

The BaZi chart may also be used to forecast the fortune of companies, businesses, and the country. For a company or business, the chart is traced from the founding date and time, while a country’s is traced from its independence date.

When asked how the practice of Chinese metaphysics is beneficial to companies, Mr. Lee told BusinessWorld that the analysis varies per the company’s department and employee designation. Mr. Lee added that it is used “to select people for the right job,” for “analysis and strategy” in the marketing department, and “to see the blind spots in the market” for the executive level.

For tickets to Joey Yap’s Feng Shui and Astrology Live Seminar 2018, visit For more on RWM’s Imperial Festival celebrations, visit or call the Tourist/Visitor Hot line at 908-8833. — Michelle Anne P. Soliman