Vivant Energy forges power deal with Bantayan electricity seller

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VIVANT Energy Corp. said its unit had signed a 15-megawatt (MW) power supply agreement with the Bantayan Electric Cooperative (Banelco) for Bantayan Island, a popular tourist destination in northern Cebu.

It said under the agreement, Isla Norte Energy Corp. — a consortium of Vivant Energy, Vivant Integrated Diesel Corp. and Gigawatt Power, Inc. (GPI) — will install a 23.31-MW diesel-fired power plant in the town of Bantayan.

“Having a stable and reliable supply of energy is vital to the economic and social development of the community and we’re honored to be the one given this responsibility. We want to do good here because this is in our home, Cebu,” said Vivant Energy Chief Operating Officer Emil Andre M. Garcia in a statement.

Vivant Integrated Diesel is a unit of Vivant Energy, which manages the energy investments of Vivant Corp.

Vivant Energy quoted Banelco President Oscar T. Seares as saying: “We look forward to a happy partnership with Isla Norte in the next 15 years.”

GPI President Walden H. Tantuico said: “The service, commitment and reliability that our power plants provide in the distribution systems of electric cooperatives are more than satisfactory.”