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Omoda, Jaecoo showcase lineups at Auto China


New brands gird to enter PHL market

IN RECENT YEARS, Chinese automotive trade shows have begun commanding attention and exerting greater influence on the global automotive industry. They have established themselves as among the foremost platforms for innovation, collaboration, and unveiling new technologies that may shape the future of mobility worldwide. Moreover, China’s very fast-growing automotive market also enables it to play a very important role in driving the transition to electric vehicles.

Therefore, it is clear why the recently held 2024 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition, also known as Auto China, has become one of the must-attend events for industry leaders, automotive writers, enthusiasts, and stakeholders. Now on its 18th edition, the Beijing International Automotive Exhibition was held over the last week of April until early May.

I attended this trade show as part of the Philippine contingent of the young car brands Omoda and Jaecoo, which are both under the mother company, Chery Automobile. Omoda and Jaecoo are set to publicly launch in the Philippines very soon, and they are positioning themselves as a modern but more-affordable alternative to existing favorites in the local crossover and SUV market. Omoda is being groomed to be more upscale and new age, while Jaecoo describes itself as the more adventurous brother.

Omoda and Jaecoo, together with Chery Automobile, brought over 2,000 guests to attend their presentation at this year’s Beijing International Automotive Exhibition, and later to attend the launch of the Omoda 7 at their headquarters in Wuhu.

Their presentation at the Beijing International Automotive Exhibition displayed the Omoda E5 (their first pure-electric model) and the Jaecoo J7 and J8 — which we’ve already seen at this year’s MIAS (Manila International Auto Show), except these variants on display were PHEVs.

The trade show presentation also served as the official launch of their O-Universe “Green OJ” initiative, which puts great emphasis on sustainability. As a matter of fact, they have already partnered with organizations such as IUCN, Indonesia’s Pandawara, Spain’s Reforest, Mexico’s Selva Teenek, and New Zealand’s Keep New Zealand Beautiful.

A few days later, we were transported to their global headquarters in Wuhu, where the Omoda 7 was officially unveiled. At the time of revelation, it was not yet a production car, and therefore not yet fit for full testing. We are looking forward to try it out soon, and give our drive impressions as soon as possible!