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Ferrari prances into new PHL home


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Velocità Motors opens a sprawling facility in the name of the Italian supercar brand

QUITE FRANKLY, can you think of someone who can do a better job at being the steward of a brand as iconic as the Maranello-headquartered sports car marque than one who is passionate about it — nay, cars in general — and has the needed wherewithal and vision to give it the attention it deserves?

That, of course, is business mogul Ramon S. Ang (or RSA, of course) — most famous as the chief of the mighty San Miguel Corp. conglomerate.

And since Velocità Motors, Inc. (which he also leads as its president and CEO) took on the mantle of brand guardianship in September of last year, Mr. Ang lost no time in making Ferrari reappear on the local automotive radar. He opened a large, albeit temporary, facility on EDSA — making the Prancing Horse and several of its key vehicles very visible to commuters, pedestrians, and motorists who traversed the main metropolitan artery on a daily basis.

Now, Velocità Motors recently inaugurated an even more impressive — this time, permanent — home of Ferrari in the Philippines. Located a breath away from EDSA on Connecticut and Florida Streets, San Juan City, the two-storey (plus three basements levels) edifice boasts more than 4,000 square meters of space.

It’s not just a showcase of Ferrari vehicles either, as it truly strives to capture the legend, allure and mystique that has permeated everything about Ferrari. There are tactile experiences to be had — from the swatches of interior materials that browsers can customize their car with, to interactive displays and even a “configuration room (that) empowers the most discerning clientele to personalize their vehicle down to the finest detail.”

The 3S (sales, service, and spare parts) facility can accommodate up to eight cars for simultaneous servicing — four of which can go on lifters. Needless to say, workbenches and tools are all Ferrari-approved. The large showroom and its attached rooms and lounges are up to Ferrari CI (corporate identity) — standard, “warm” and “immersive.”

Underscored Mr. Ang in his speech to guests on inauguration day, “This facility is both a state-of-the-art showroom and a comprehensive service center. It reflects our dedication to Ferrari and its growing community of owners and enthusiasts in the region. Designed to meet the strict global standards, our dealership not only offers high-performance cars but also exceptional service that delivers an experience that is distinctly Ferrari.”

Speaking to members of the press, Ferrari S.p.A. Marketing and Commercial Department Head of Global Sales Luca Zanetti shared how Mr. Ang got the brand under his care. “You know, when we select a new dealer in a location, we have a process that is standardized (before anyone becomes) a Ferrari partner. In the case of Mr. Ang, also thanks to his great passion, he was selected.”

He stressed, “From the very beginning, we noticed that (he has) so much love, so much knowledge for cars, which is an element that you cannot build, or pretend to have. Clients will see for themselves if there is passion, if there is authenticity. And I believe that when we started the relationship with Mr. Ang when we first met him in Maranello, this element is his passion.”

Mr. Zanetti described the Velocità facility as “very beautiful,” adding, “It has all the important elements in the right place, (it has) beautiful surfaces. You will see for yourself the beautiful lounge area behind with the configuration space. These are all very important, there is even a very nice storage area for clients, and a nice integration even with the workshop.”

As for the Philippines and how it fits into the Ferrari business, “I believe you know that, of course, we are present in the Philippines because we believe that there is a very good potential. There is already an existing customer base with very loyal clients. What I think is important for us now and this partnership is to be able to create, more and more, the right environment,” continued the executive.

Velocità Motors promises, he added, a “360-degree” immersion which encompasses the basics, along with a “very good experience,” while “creating opportunities to use the cars to create the community.”

Concluded Mr. Zanetti, “A beautiful box, a beautiful environment are nothing without the software. And the software is made up of the people, the activities, and the experiences that you can create. So that’s where I think we will work together to try and build this kind of interest and demand.”

Velocità Motors is open Mondays to Saturdays, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.