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All aces for a fuel house

Shell says new V-Power line can restore engine to ‘like new’

By Kap Maceda Aguila

BEYOND the seemingly interminable task of comparing fuel prices across brands (and even individual stations), does it even matter what fuel goes into your car? The answer, if you didn’t already know, is of course. While government regulatory requirements and such standardize the fuels (or so we’d like to think), it’s important to get product from a reputable brand. After all, your car is a big-ticket investment you want to take care of.

Shell, which now boasts a considerable network of 1,150 mobility stations across the country, is upping the ante anew to keep itself top of mind among brands. On top of its efforts at evolving its stations into clean, one-stop destinations designed not just for those wishing to fill up their vehicles’ gas tanks, the company recently enlisted celebrity Piolo Pascual as its newest brand ambassador, who had said that his lifestyle and mobility habits — which include cycling — are fueled by Shell. “I’m happy to represent a brand that is about quality, service, and reaching as many Filipinos as possible,” Mr. Pascual stated. “When I’m out on a ride and stop at one of their stations, I can see how much they take care of their customers. Their passion for service is a value that’s important to me, helping me meet all my needs on the road. That’s why I trust Shell.”

Even more recently, Shell rejuvenated its product line at the pump by rolling out the latest version of its V-Power line of fuels. The company insists that the “new and improved Shell V-Power… cleans 100% of performance-robbing deposits and prevents future buildup on vital engine parts. Removing these deposits can restore up to 100% of engine performance.” This bold claim similarly applies for any V-Power-branded fuel — V-Power Diesel, V-Power Gasoline, and V-Power Racing (see interview below for more information).

On hand for the launch held at The Fifth at Rockwell in Makati City was Shell Global Solutions Fuels Scientist Andreas Schaefer, who joined Pilipinas Shell officials led by its President and CEO Lorelie Quiambao-Osial, Vice-President and General Manager for Mobility Randy Del Valle, and Shell V-Power Brand Manager Miguel Estrada.

Mr. Estrada shared in a speech that the V-Power brand was first introduced in 1998. “Over the past 25 years, it has been a successful part of our mobility offer for customers. It is that important.” Today, there are some 46,000 Shell mobility stations around the world, serving 30 million customers a day.

“Imagine the breadth of insights that we get to help us understand the evolving need of our customers,” averred Mr. Estrada. Globally, one in every five customers use Shell V-Power, making it the best-selling fuel type. In the Philippines, it is said to rise to one in three.

Mr. Shaefer said that the product’s latest formula has been specially designed with powerful cleaning agents that can remove deposits from key fuel system components and restore up to 100% of engine performance. “Vehicle manufacturers strive to increase modern vehicles’ performance and efficiency. More efficient engines require fuels to perform under tougher operating conditions, exposing them to gunk buildup and corrosion over time. With that in mind, Shell V-Power has been developed to work more effectively even in challenging conditions,” he added, and shared that these modern engines are particularly more susceptible to the adverse effects of these buildups because they are smaller.

“Vehicle manufacturers strive to increase performance and efficiency,” joined Mr. Estrada. “With engines’ reduction in size, they tend to (be more prone) to operating conditions where dirt can build up. V-Power is developed for these conditions. It’s now a step above… giving the best without compromise.”

The newest V-Power products have been developed over five years, and Shell said that “this latest development is in line with Shell’s mission to make life’s journeys better through its evolving range of fuels and a retail experience that puts forward convenience, quality, and choice for its customers.”

For more information, visit www.shell.com.ph/ShellVPower.