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A clean, well-lighted place (not just) for cars


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PGA Cars Studio refines and redefines what an automotive space means

IMAGINE BEING served a thick piece of medium-rare porterhouse steak, illuminated by the flickering of a couple of full candelabra and soft incandescent lighting. You can smell the perfect char of the slab and hear a slight sizzle of its juices — but then instead of focusing on the gastronomic delight, your gaze is diverted to the shiny blue Bentley Flying Spur on the showroom floor below.

Ah, such are the enchantments at the PGA Cars Studio.

Rising on the corner of EDSA and Rochester Street in Greenhills, PGA Cars Studio grows the footprint of the PGA Cars complex located in what is the country’s widely accepted and highly regarded automotive row in the heart of the metro.

The official country purveyor of everything Audi, Bentley, Lamborghini, and Porsche sees the PGA Cars Studio as “elevating contemporary luxury… a new space that celebrates the finest cars, culture, and other curated experiences.” It brings together a showroom, automotive lifestyle center, café, exhibition hall, and a service center in a seamless, contiguous venue.

Because of these, when it soft-opened in December last year, PGA Cars Studio became an instant draw.

The ever-changing pair of vehicles on the showroom floor are the obvious centerpiece of the high-ceilinged establishment. One day, you might see Audi’s all-electric sports car that is the e-tron GT, paired with an opulent Bentley Flying Spur; on another you might be greeted by a visceral duo of SUVs in the Lamborghini Urus and a Porsche Cayenne Turbo GT.

A tall glass wall fronting busy EDSA gives those outside ample visibility of the automobiles within, while guests on the ground floor are afforded a nearly unencumbered view of the thoroughfare — slightly obscured only by full-grown narra trees which give some shade and privacy. Being this close to such beautiful vehicles will be a welcome distraction as one imbibes a cup of cappuccino or digs into an order of US Beef Tripe Salpicao.

Speaking of food, PGA Cars Studio plays host to the famous and multi-awarded restaurant brand Antonio’s, which provides two sets of palatal delights — bar chow by the lounge bar on the ground floor, and more filling selections on the mezzanine.

Antonio’s, helmed by its namesake chef Tonyboy Escalante, said on its website, “One might wonder what a renowned restaurant group might have to do with a luxury motor dealership… They are, in fact, two brands that seemingly could not be more different, yet they share the same vision — to provide unparalleled experiences to their patrons through exquisite craftsmanship, exceptional quality and through the never-ending, passionate search for perfection.”

There’s a sense of arrival in the fine-dining section of Antonio’s at PGA Cars. It’s tempting to draw parallels with the restaurant’s famous haunt — which you reach by driving up to Tagaytay. This time, you merely need to climb two short flights of stairs to take in a new ambience — not jarring, but effectively transitioning from the largely sunlit showroom floor to a warmer, softer, more muted vibe.

Framed black-and-white images of motoring past are collected on the wall by the landing area, while lifestyle items and actual car parts are displayed on the shelves just behind the couches. On the other side is a considerable display of wines and spirits behind a transparent divider — which also provides some privacy to the diners by the balcony. From here, guests command a sweeping view of the display floor.

Aside from the actual vehicles that guests can inspect more closely (sales associates are also here upon request to entertain queries), the ground floor also features cabinets displaying lifestyle goods from Audi, Bentley, Lamborghini, and Porsche — ranging from mugs, drink bottles, plush toys, and keychains to pieces of luggage and even apparel.

Everything just flows into everything, and that’s one of the keys to making the studio work (See our interview with PGA Cars Director Benedicto T. Coyiuto below.). The space also lends itself as a flexible events venue which can presumably and expectedly be perfect for any of the brand’s forthcoming launches. Other parallel affairs such as art exhibitions, displays, talks, and the like are surely in the realm of possibility.

On the Rochester side of the establishment are a couple of Wallbox AC chargers for customers and clients who arrive via electric vehicles, which they can plug in and charge for free. Said the company, “That is the least PGA Cars’ FutureNow electromobility program can do in ushering sustainable and clean transport solutions in the Philippines.”

Finally, at the back of the house is a considerably large service area which completes the package that is the PGA Cars Studio. It is immaculately clean and spacious — adhering to the exacting standards (and equipped with the approved tools) of the brands that the company represents.

So for all these myriad of reasons, you can (actually, should) drop by PGA Cars Studio and see what I’m talking about.