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First Philippine Overland Expedition boasts P1-M kitty


MOTOTESTO OVERLAND Equipment and Petron Philippines are sounding the call for competitive urban adventurers with very capable 4×4 vehicles. The 2022 Petron Philippine Overland Expedition: Pacific Coast Challenge — to happen simultaneously with the 6th Philippine Overland Expo — is happening from Oct. 12 to 16. Thirty teams are expected to “take on the task of crossing one of the most uncharted paths along the Pacific coastline.” At stake for winning teams is a total prize kitty expected to exceed P1 million. The event champion will get P500,000, second place P200,000, third place P100,000, and two special awardees will receive P75,000 each.

Contestants will depart from the LausGroup Event Center in San Fernando, Pampanga, and travel a 285-kilometer stretch that will end in General Nakar, Quezon. The teams will earn points based on the completion of “quests” across the trail comprised of 160 kilometers of asphalt road, and 120 kilometers of gravel, sand, mud, rocky paths, and river crossings. The team with the highest score at the finish line will be declared the country’s first-ever Petron Philippine Overland Expedition Champion. The teams are expected to be greeted at the last stop by outdoor enthusiasts and spectators at the Overland Expo. Campers will enjoy four days and three nights of “undistracted nature adventure,” with like-minded individuals that “share the same passion and adrenaline for the extraordinary.”

Mototesto President and CEO Tim Tuazon, himself an overlanding enthusiast, said, “The main goal of creating this event is to showcase the beauty of the Philippines, and strengthen the bond with our Mototesto customers, while fostering unforgettable experiences with them.” The company has been part of the off-roading community since 2011, and is the official distributor of Koni Suspensions, MMOV, EcoFlow, Softopper, and other brands relevant to the off-roading scene. The partnership with Petron Philippines is expected to develop into a long-term tie-up between the oil company and the country’s growing 4×4 community. Petron boasts world-class quality products such as Petron Turbo Diesel, Diesel Max, and Rev-X. Continued Mr. Tuazon, “The Philippines has the perfect terrain and topography for overlanding, and Petron products are the perfect partners in fueling our intense passion for this lifestyle. Mototesto is honored to have them onboard in taking overlanding to the next level.”

Meanwhile, General Nakar Mayor Eliseo R. Ruzol expressed his appreciation at the press launch, and said his municipality looks forward to gain tourism opportunities. Notably, part of the Petron Philippine Overland Expedition’s CSR initiative is to donate “excess proceeds,” which might potentially total a million pesos, to different communities of the local government unit.

Each team must be comprised of a six-person team and three 4×4 vehicles. Part of the requirements is that each vehicle must be a production variant retaining at least 80% of its original body and chassis structure, and must also have full recovery and river crossing capacity. This entails having the necessary equipment such as a winch and snorkel. Each team is expected to be self-reliant, bringing provisions such as food and water, power source, as well as critical vehicle spare parts and supplies to last them throughout the whole event. “This expedition will definitely test each team’s endurance, resilience, camaraderie, off-road driving abilities, and survival skills,” said Mototesto in a release.

On the other hand, the 6th Philippine Overland Expo is where fans of the outdoors, spectators, families, and friends can gather and engage in a four-day camping experience. The campsite will be the final stop of the Overlanding Expedition, and is where the awarding ceremony will be held as the 30 teams complete their journey. “We are expecting at least 300 vehicles this coming October,” explained Mr. Tuazon. “The merging of the two events will see the biggest gathering of overlanders and outdoor enthusiasts in the country, and we hope to show our nation that this extraordinary lifestyle is growing and will continue to rise in the years to come.”

For more information, visit www.mototesto.com, and follow the Overland Philippines Facebook Page.