The Swedish auto brand takes climate change seriously

AS FAR AS I can remember growing up in the Philippines, we’ve always recognized Scandinavian car brand Volvo as one of the strongest champions of vehicle safety. To this day, that has not changed — but did you also notice how the brand has now taken a fiercely proactive stance when it comes to climate action?

As a matter of fact — and among other achievements — Volvo has recently been cited by the global environmental non-profit CDP as one of the leaders (together with only a small number of companies) in taking real actions toward becoming a climate-neutral company.

“Receiving the prestigious A-score from the CDP shows that we are on the right track, and hopefully, we can inspire other companies to do even more,” shared Volvo Cars Head of Global Sustainability Anders Karrberg.

Furthermore, Volvo also clinched the Smart and Safer Mobility Award at the 2021 Europa Awards, for its active efforts to address several motoring concerns, primarily in the fields of accessibility and environmental impact. This, alongside the company’s customer-centric approach in delivering cleaner and data-driven solutions for our local urban mobility ecosystem.

If you will remember, Volvo Cars has already long disclosed its goal to transform into a fully electric car maker by 2030. Imagine, that’s only eight years away. This production transformation is a major component in its quest to become a climate-neutral company by the year 2040.

In alignment with this, Volvo Philippines will this year be offering a beautiful range of hybrid vehicles powered by a new B6 engine. This modern B6 engine features a state-of-the-art 2.0-liter, four-cylinder turbocharged engine connected to a 48-volt hybrid system. The new Volvo S90 and XC90 variants already feature this, and do not sacrifice performance in exchange for fuel economy, mind you. At its core is an Integrated Starter Generator (ISG) that spits out an additional wave of power to enhance its already impressive 295 horses and 310 lb-ft of torque.

And to make things more exciting and hopefully bring the vehicles closer to the people, Volvo Philippines will be showcasing its latest local fleet of hybrid vehicles at the upcoming Manila International Auto Show (MIAS) — finally back in the metal — at the World Trade Center this week after a COVID-19 hiatus since 2020.

And since we already mentioned this disastrous COVID pandemic, might I also add that Volvo Cars now also highlights an advanced kind of air purifier that keeps the cabin air quality more sterile than ever before. It is the tiny details like these that keep Volvo vehicles at the forefront of transportation technology that marry comfort and connectivity with every aspect of passenger safety.

As our country’s local charging infrastructure (or lack thereof) still implies that hybrid vehicles are our current best bet when it comes to consumer convenience in the journey to vehicle electrification, Volvo Philippines is happy to exhibit its 2022 Volvo Boost Hybrid Range, and to offer special deals and promotions alongside them, at the upcoming largest vehicle trade show in the country.