RUSSIA-based manufacturer of commercial vehicles (as well as cars and other automotive components) GAZ Group has bolstered its presence in the Philippines by introducing at the recent Manila International Auto Show three new models.
Launched at the show by GAZ Group, through local distributor Gazelle Motors Corp., were the GAZelle Next chassis, GAZon Next, and Sadko 4×4 medium-duty trucks. The new vehicles add to the brand’s lineup composed of the GAZelle Next minibus, GAZelle Next Citiline framed bus, and Ural Next 6×6 heavy-duty truck, shift bus and dumper. All these models were displayed at the GAZ’s booth at the show.
According to Gazelle Motors Chief Executive Fernando L. Martinez, the freshly launched models “affirm GAZ Group’s commitment and interest in the Philippine market,” and that these “demonstrate the versatility and flexibility of the vehicles produced by GAZ Group.”
“These vehicles could be configured to meet the different fleet requirements of local companies and industries,” he added.
The GAZelle Next is powered by a Cummins ISF 2.8-liter diesel engine that makes 150 hp and 330 Nm. Presented as a chassis with a single-row cab, the vehicle can accommodate more than 300 add-on parts to suit a variety of business tasks. In minibus form the GAZelle Next can comfortably seat up to 17 passengers. Configured as the GAZelle Next Citiline framed bus — which has a shorter but wider body — the vehicle can carry up to 19 passengers. Both Next minibus and Citiline are equipped with dual-zone air-conditioning.
Gazelle Motors called the GAZon Next a “new-generation medium-duty truck intended to transport cargo.” It added the truck has a load capacity rating of five tons, and a gross weight rating of 8.7 tons. The truck’s cabin is made of galvanized steel while its chassis can be configured to serve as a dump truck, a multipurpose road maintenance vehicle, or a food and fuel storage tank, among other functions. Powering the truck is a 150-hp YMZ-536 engine (matched to a five-speed manual gearbox) built by Yaroslavl.
Known as a military vehicle, the Sadko is an all-wheel drive medium-duty truck fitted with a 4.4-liter turbocharged diesel engine, power-assisted steering, a tire pressure control system and mechanically driven winch. Like the GAZelle Next variants, the Sadko’s chassis can accommodate various attachments to suit different requirements.
Gazelle Motors was formed in September 2017 after an agreement was reached between GAZ Group and Eastern Petroleum — which now has the exclusive rights in the Philippines to distribute and conduct after-sales services on GAZ Group’s commercial vehicles.