METRO MANILA water concessionaires secured the go signal from the Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System (MWSS) to adjust rates in the second quarter.

In a statement, the board of trustees of the MWSS approved the implementation of the foreign currency differential adjustment (FCDA) for Manila Water Company, Inc. and Maynilad Water Services, Inc.

Customers of east zone concessionaire Manila Water will face lower water bills, while those of west zone concesisonaire Maynilad will see a slight increase in their monthly bills.

Manila Water will implement an FCDA of 1.69% or P0.48 per cubic meter (cu.m.) of its average basic charge of P28.52 per cu.m.

Residential customers of Manila Water who consume 10 cubic meters or less will see their monthly bills reduced by P1.11, while those who consume 20 cu.m. and 30 cu.m.will see a P2.46 and P5.02 reduction in their bills, respectively.

On the other hand, Maynilad will implement an FCDA of negative 0.21% or P0.08 per cu.m. of its average basic charge of P36.24 per cu.m.

This would mean Maynilad residential customers who consume 10 cms or less will see a P0.18 increase in their monthly bills. Customers who use 20 cms and 30 cms per month can expect their bills to rise by P0.69 and P1.40, respectively.

Water concessionaires are allowed to recover losses or give back gains through the FCDA tariff mechanism that factors in the movements of the peso against foreign currencies. The FCDA mechanism has been set because the water concessionaires pay foreign currency-denominated concession fees to MWSS as well as loans to fund service improvement projects that will expand and upgrade water and wastewater services.

Meanwhile, the National Water Resources Board (NWRB) is increasing the current water allocation for the two water concessionaires in Metro Manila, amid the continuous spread of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).

In a text message yesterday, NWRB Executive Director Sevillo D. David, Jr. said they would hike the allocation from 42 cu.m. per second to 46 cu.m. per second from Angat Dam effective March 12.

“This is to ensure steady water supply for Metro Manila considering the declaration of the state of public health emergency and the importance of water in undertaking the preventive measures against COVID-19,” he said. — R.M.D.Ochave