ON March 17, 2018, the annual Festival de la Paella Gigante brought together chefs from many of the metro’sa hotels, restaurants, and culinary academies to pool their skills in creating, as the event’s title clearly stated, a giant paella. It was a night of smoke and music, dance and wine, and, of course, good paella.
On March 16 this year, the 7th Festival de la Paella Gigante will again be held at the Greenbelt 3 Park, on from 5 p.m. onwards.
The Festival is organized by Sociedad Española de Beneficencia in collaboration with the LTB Philippines Chefs Association, the Ayala Malls, and various other sponsors. That evening, the LTB chefs will be cooking a gigantic paella that is approximately 11-feet in diameter.
Aside from the paella, there will be food booths at the perimeter, and performances.
Sociedad Española de Beneficencia is an NGO founded in 1948 by Spanish nationals to principally address the needs of elderly Spanish residents in the Philippines. This annual gathering raises funds for the care of the elderly beneficiaries.
Given the Festival’s popularity, it is recommended to pre-purchase the P400 tickets by e-mailing the number of tickets one needs along with a copy of a deposit/payment slip made to the Sociedad’s account, and one’s mailing address. For more details, e-mail sociedadespanolabeneficencia@gmail.com.