The unbearable lightness of Uniqlo

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IT’S ALL about lightness for Uniqlo’s Spring/Summer 2021 collection.

The Uniqlo U line features signature neutral tones and classic looks, with a focus on black and white. The company is also taking into consideration the new work-from-home setups with what it calls “transitional wear.”

“In fashion, effortless style is now mainstream because the boundaries between home and places of work or study have been blurred, making comfort even more important,” said the Japanese company in a press release. “On top of that, a rising interest in splitting time between living in cities during weekdays and in the countryside on weekends and the slow living movement have focused more attention on flexible style and more functional beauty in line with more adaptable work practices. Fabrics and textures for more active lifestyles and easy-care cleaning are imperative when choosing clothes.”

For this theme, Uniqlo is releasing a line of comfortable dresses, but also highlighting a wrinkle-resistant and low-maintenance rayon blouse. The U Crewneck T-shirt is also a star, thanks to its comfortable fit, and this will pair well with a line of jeans made with technology from Toray. The denim on the new jeans is designed to be light, stretchy, and wick away sweat.

Speaking of sweat, the sweat-wicking and cooling Airism line by Uniqlo, usually used for shirts, is expanding into linens: think cooler nights on Airism bedsheets. Ankle pants and soft Uniqlo sweats are also up for grabs, for wearing around the house.


The model turned designer Ines de la Fressange, who looked like a younger Coco Chanel, has again taken a page from her lookalike’s book. The Ines de la Fressange collaboration with Uniqlo is inspired by Deauville, the legendary seaside resort where Coco Chanel first found her footing. It was here that she opened her first boutique in 1913, aided by a loan from the love of her life, Arthur “Boy” Capel. According to Uniqlo’s release, the young De la Fressange, of aristocratic descent, holidayed there with her grandmother.

The result is a line in which elongated silhouettes featuring straight-lined skirts and dresses are the stars, made in a dusty palette designed to look like Deauville’s sea and sky. The collection incorporates a rich variety of the shirts that are essential to Parisian wardrobes. The range extends from casual 100% linen items to soutien collar twill shirts in translucent fabric and silk shirts with fine details. — JLG