A TOTAL of 258 megawatts (MW) of capacity is expected to be generated from the committed generating plants located in the Western Visayas islands of Panay and Guimaras, the Department of Energy (DoE) said.

“Our committed projects to be coming in the next few years… most of these are renewable energy,” Irma C. Exconde, director of the DoE Electric Power Industry Management Bureau, said in a virtual forum on Tuesday.

Committed projects are those that are already in the construction phase or have a financial close in place.

Among the projects cited is the 40-MW Luca solar power project by the Apolaki Eight, Inc., which was one of the winning bids under the second round of the Green Energy Auction Program.

There is also the 13.2-MW wind power project of PetroWind Energy, Inc., with a second phase targeted to be completed by 2024.

“Panay and Guimaras areas have many potential wind resources and also other renewable energy,” Ms. Exconde said.

She said that potential wind power projects in Panay and Guimaras have a total capacity of 5,807 MW, while other renewable energy projects have 550 MW.

To recall, multiple power plants tripped on the second day of the year on Panay Island, causing a widespread power outage in the Western Visayas. Power was restored three days after. — Sheldeen Joy Talavera