THE SUPREME Court (SC) on Thursday confirmed that next year’s bar examinations will be held in September, earlier than the usual November schedule, which would allow for an earlier release of results.   

In a bulletin, the tribunal said the test for aspiring lawyers will be held on Sept. 17, 20 and 24.  

“The 2023 bar examinations shall thus proceed as it is nowdigitalized and regionalized, with a further-condensed schedule and carefully-streamlined scope for administrative efficiency,” said Associate Justice Ramon Paul L. Hernando, designated 2023 bar exams chairperson.  

Topics that tackle similar subject matter will be combined to modernize the implementation of the exams, he said in a statement on Dec. 4.  

This year’s exams were held on November 10, 13, 15 and 20 at 14 testing sites across the country.  

Last year’s exams were the first to be administered digitally and with multiple sites.  

Mr. Hernando noted that holding the exams in September will allow bar passers to seek employment earlier.  

A total of 8,241 takers passed the 2020/21 bar exams, which translates to a 72.8% passing rate.  

Chief Justice Alexander G. Gesmundo had said the bar exams would continue the digital format to take full advantage of new technology.    

“Exploit your last semester in law school to the fullest and your law review courses to the last minute as opportunities for mastery,” Mr. Hernando said addressing examinees for next year’s exams. John Victor D. Ordoñez