SENATOR Leila M. De Lima arrived on Monday at the Manila Doctors Hospital for a major surgery after being granted a five-day medical furlough by a Muntinlupa Regional Trial Court.  

Ms. De Lima was advised by her personal doctor, Errol Rhett A. Santelices, to undergo the surgery “at the soonest possible time.” 

The doctor also suggested that at least 120 hours be given to observe the status of her health, noting the need to evaluate her heart condition since her hospital confinement in April due to suspected mild stroke.  

The outgoing senator has promised the court that she will not be staying in the hospital longer than what is called for or necessary.”   

Officers from the Philippine National Police Custodial Service Unit escorted Ms. De Lima to the hospital.   

Ms. De Lima, who has been jailed at the Philippine National Police Custodial Center since 2017, is on trial for allegedly allowing the illegal drug trade in the countrys jails when she was still Justice secretary.     

At least four key witnesses have retracted their allegations relating to her supposed crime. Alyssa Nicole O. Tan