THREE India-based business process outsourcing (BPO) companies are eyeing to locate in Davao City, an industry official said.       

Samuel R. Matunog, president of the umbrella organization ICT Davao, Inc., said they recently met with representatives of the three firms to discuss requirements on human resources and available office spaces that are registered the Philippine Economic Zone Authority.  

I am really excited by this sudden wave of locator interest because for every person who gets employed in the BPO industry is one less poor in our community,Mr. Matunog told BusinessWorld 

He said one of the BPOs already has several offices nationwide and is looking to expand in Davao City.    

The other is a multinational corporation that provides information technology, consulting, and business process services,he said. 

Another company, AGS Health, focuses on healthcare sector services such as medical coding, billing, insurance, and revenue cycle management.  

Mr. Matunog said the Davao City Investment and Promotion Center, along with officials of the Board of Investments and ICT Davao, provided a briefing last month to AGS Health on tax incentives and other perks offered under both national and local laws.    

AGS Health is planning to hire 1,500 agents within the first three years of operations in the city.     

The presence of these companies mean there will be more competition for qualified talent. But their investment will ensure that our current cohort of college students of more than 80,000 will have a ready market for their talents,Mr. Matunog said. Maya M. Padillo