A SENATORIAL aspirant on Monday said he aims to build shelters for homeless members of the LGBTlesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community nationwide as a means of providing equal privileges to the sector.  

If we are committed to giving equal opportunities for all, every public servant should look after the welfare of their marginalized constituents, including the elderly and homeless LGBTs community,said Francis Joseph G. Escudero, currently governor of Sorsogon province, said in a statement. 

“We must embrace all sectors of society for equal care and assistance, including and parallel to those in the LGBT community,” he added. 

In his home province, Mr. Escudero is already establishing the first LGBT shelter called Home for Homeless Gays. The facility will include a livelihood training center for all LGBT members in the province. 

We don’t only want to provide a roof and shelter to our elderly and abandoned members of the LGBT community. We also want to give them economic skills and new opportunities to earn a living,he said. Alyssa Nicole O. Tan