A RESOLUTION that seeks to assess incentives that can be given to businesses, whether big or small, that adopt environment-friendly practices has been filed in the House of Representatives.

House Resolution 2483, filed by Las Piñas Rep. Camille A. Villar last week, called on various committees to evaluate and propose legislative measures on how government can provide support to large corporations as well as micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) that take initiatives to help protect the environment.

“When I filed the resolution, I am considering incentives in the form of tax holidays, in the form of deductibility of expenses and duty-free tariff on major equipment, tools and machineries… or any other fiscal incentives that may be accorded by the government considering that green industries are sunshine industries,” she told BusinessWorld in a Viber message. 

“Also, a faster lane in the processing of permits and similar dossiers in regular government (departments) or LGUs (local government units) for those (who) engage in this sector,” she added.

With government support, she said, these industries will be able to generate more jobs and contribute further to post-pandemic economic recovery while helping address pollution, waste, and climate change threats.  

“While consumers need to be fully aware of the need and importance of buying sustainable items, entities must be rewarded for employing eco-friendly methods in order to reduce their cost and result in lower prices,” the resolution said. — Jaspearl Emerald G. Tan