THE MAKATI Prosecutor’s Office has dismissed the rape with homicide complaint filed against 11 respondents in the death of flight attendant Christine Angelica F. Dacera for lack of evidence.

In the 19-page resolution dated April 23 and made public on Tuesday, Makati Assistant City Prosecutor Joan G. Bolina-Santillan said “the evidence presented are insufficient to engender a well-founded belief that rape, homicide, or rape with homicide has been committed.”

The prosecutor, citing the autopsy report, said Ms. Dacera’s death was caused by ruptured aortic aneurysm with her heart enlarged and she had blood clots on the right side of her chest.

Ms. Dacera was found dead in a hotel room last New Year’s day.

The Dacera family’s lawyer, Roger Z. Reyes, told reporters on Tuesday that the Dacera family intends to pursue other legal options.

He said, “The Dacera family can go to the Department of Justice to appeal this dismissal or we can refile (these) cases, we can refile the drug case, we can refile the rape case.”

“We are not going to say amen to this dismissal because we are looking for truth and justice, not only for Christine Dacera,” he said. — Bianca Angelica D. Añago