The Public Works department has prescribed a standard design for bicycle lanes along national highways as public transport remains limited amid a coronavirus pandemic.

National roads and bridges must have a bike facility that is at least 2.44 meters wide, according to an order issued by Public Works Secretary Mark A. Villar.

The policy also covers road and bridge widening projects and diversion and bypass roads, according to the order.

“We aim to promote road safety to all and encourage the public to consider biking as a safe mode of transportation,” Mr. Villar said.

He said biking is good for the health and the environment, cutting greenhouse gas emissions and noise pollution. It also reduces traffic and minimizes the wear and tear on public roads caused by cars.

Under the guidelines, new bike lanes will be set up based on car volume and operating speeds, available road, shoulder and sidewalk space, lane configuration, bicycle demand and other driveway and parking conflicts. — Arjay L. Balinbin