A PORTION of the P19.8 billion Davao City Coastal Bypass Road Project, which started construction in 2017, is expected to be partially opened before the year ends. “Construction of the coastal road is still ongoing and hopefully within the year a portion will be opened to the public,” said Councilor Jesus Joseph P. Zozobrado III, chair of the committee on public works and vice-chair of the committee on transportation. Based on the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) accomplishment report as of Feb. 28, the Bago Aplaya-Talomo segment is already 87% done. The coastal road stretches from Bago Aplaya in the south to R. Castillo in the north. Mr. Zozobrado said the DPWH has to make some adjustments in the design to address the concerns of the fisherfolk relating to the boat landing area. “The initial design did not have enough space for the existing boats, but since the fisherfolk requested more space for their boats and they want direct access to the river, then DPWH is re-evaluating the design,” he said.— Carmencita A. Carillo