THE CEBU City government will have a trial run of the road traffic system of Leotek Electronics USA LLC to see if it will help address the long-standing congestion problem. Councilor Jerry L. Guardo, chairman of the committee on environment, energy, transportation, communication and other utilities, told reporters that they know of Leotek after their recent official visit in Taiwan, where the company has installed cameras in intersections. “We are finding ways how we can adopt the system here in Cebu that we can implement non-contact apprehension of violators… It can also help us in security,” Mr. Guardo said. Leotek personnel will be in Cebu City this month for the test run which will be piloted at the intersection in front of a shopping center along Osmeña Boulevard. After the trial period, the city government will evaluate the efficiency of the new system and decide later on whether or not to adopt the scheme. — The Freeman