The ingredients for a successful small business

Cover Art Erka Capili Inciong

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Digital Reporter

When venturing into business, an entrepreneurial bent is not always enough. Theoretical knowledge must be paired with practical knowledge essential in running a long‑lasting business.

This is the belief of 27‑year‑old Bea Atienza before establishing her own bakeshop called Bellefleur by Beatrix. In her case, she thought that her knowledge about baking alone would not give her an easy pass to a successful business.

Atienza, whose interest in baking began in high school where she would bring homemade cookies to her classmates, instead continued to crave for learning that she would later on use in operating her own business.

“My classmates tried them and liked them so much. They started asking if they could order more. That’s when I realized that people are willing to purchase what I bake and turn it into a business,” she recounted.

In college, she left the Philippines to take up a four‑year business course and finished another three‑month culinary course upon her return.

Following the short course, she enrolled in the baking and pastry arts program of the Center for Culinary Arts where she learned the ropes of baking entrepreneurship, including product development, costing and marketing, as well as creating a viable business plan.

“Immediately, I was taught the ins and outs of forming and maintaining a baking business. Aside from the fundamentals of baking, I learned how to mass-produce baked goods, how to find a target market to finding an ideal location,” she said.

Equipped with mentoring she gained from the culinary school, Atienza began her business venture and opened Bellefleur as an online store offering pastries like cakes, cupcakes, and cookies, among others.

In July this year, she stepped out of the digital space and launched a physical version of Bellefleur at Unimart Greenhills, located in one the business districts in the metro.

The Frozen Ube Brazo has become a favorite among its patrons that even Filipinos abroad order it online for their loved ones living here in the country. Bestsellers also include the Double Decker Ube Leche Flan, which sells out everyday.

“I love brazo, but I also wanted to enhance the flavor by adding ube for  a balanced sweetness, just like what my mentors at CCA taught me about not adding too much sweetness when baking,’ she said.

“LinkedIn has millions of job posts and distributes them to candidates based on skill sets, but it’s your descriptions that will compel them to view and apply,” it added.

With her sweet success, Atienza seeks to reach more milestones for her business in the future. Her plans include launching more kiosks for Bellefleur and cafes bearing her brand.