The advantageous and practical choice

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Filipinos are known for having close family ties. In everything they do, the family is always involved, even the extended ones. In fact, they build spacious abodes or homes next to each other to accommodate more of their loved ones or simply be near with them.

Most of the time, for families with a growing number of members, a normal four- or five-seater car is simply not enough. Just like having big homes, large families, for practical purposes, also opt for bigger, roomy cars such as seven-seater ones.

Not only do these cars provide extra seats for more persons, it also ensures maximum space and comfort for all passengers. These features are tailored to suit the needs of families’ everyday style of living like traveling, or simply for going to and from work and/or school together.

For traveling with the family or even with group of friends, spacious cars are definitely the top pick because it can give you the flexible option on how to use its space — whether for seating capacity or for storing extra luggage.

Most of these cars have foldable seats at the back that can easily and neatly be stowed away to make room for extra stuff. When not needed, these foldable rear seats come in handy to transport large cargoes that need additional space.

Along with this, most seven-seater cars are made with larger leg room and head room for convenient alighting and boarding. With broader areas to move around or sit leisurely, passengers and drivers alike would not feel cramped or uncomfortable during long rides.

Some seven-seater cars, particularly sport utility vehicles (SUVs) have high ground clearance and a rugged suspension system — making it the perfect road buddy for traveling. These features enable it to adapt to different kinds of terrain and conditions like floods, or even driving on a rocky path, shallow rivers, or muddy slopes.

For day-to-day city driving, most parents with two or more children would also rely on family-friendly spacious cars to transport them altogether to school before going to work themselves or the other way around when going home.

To complement the comfort provided by the generous space of seven-seater vehicles, car brands also make sure to amplify driving experience through furnishing cars with cozy upholstery made from top-notch materials.

Most of these cars also have enviable amenities such as advanced infotainment systems like premium sound system, among others, to keep even the longest of journeys interesting and fun. Moreover, these types of vehicles also have air-conditioning system that makes sure to cover all corners of the car cabin.

More importantly, since these cars with seven-seating configuration are made with the families as potential market, it is equipped with cutting-edge safety features aimed to create a safer driving experience whether for daily or long road trips. Some of these include additional air bags, adaptive cruise control, blind-spot detection system, and features that aids in parking, among many others.

Hand in hand with the comfortable, functional, and entertaining features inside the car cabin, these vehicles are also equipped with notable engines that boosts performance on the road and yet, are fuel-efficient — also a vital feature that makes seven-seater cars a practical choice for those thinking of buying a new car; not to mention that these cars have a attractive price points as well.

Apart from having generous space, safety features, noteworthy engines, and a set of entertaining system, the exterior of seven-seater cars also does not disappoint. Most seven-seater car models with well-made interiors have equally tough yet stunning and stylish external body structure that is sure to standout both on and off the road.

With a robust demand for these types of vehicles, car companies offer versatile models in the market wanting to cater not only to different types of families with various lifestyle needs and preferences that fit their personality, but also to other set of clienteles as well. Seven-seater cars also gained popularity among companies to chauffeur their employees, guests, or even cargoes around. — Romsanne R. Ortiguero