STOCK PHOTO | Image by Alexandra_Koch from Pixabay

Content creation may typically be a “one-man show,” but fans and followers contribute a lot to the success of influencers online, Eplayment CEO and President Karlos R. Naidas said in a media roundtable last Thursday, June 13 

“It’s your fellow creators and your followers and fans that help you reach your goals in this industry,” he shared. 

According to the fintech solutions company, an additional 1.8 million users were now connected to the internet in 2024, generating 86.98 million users logged in on social media platforms in the Philippines. 

Mr. Naidas affirmed that as more people become more inspired to participate or take part in the world of content creation, it also contributes to amassing the numbers and cultivating the creator economy. 

“The creator economy encompasses everything within the world of e-commerce and social media, from influencers to brands, to digital advertising and marketing firms,” the fintech company stated in their press release.


Parasocial relationship

As the industry continues to grow, consumers become more exposed to the content of the social media influencers they follow. It establishes the relationship between the creator and its fans, Ticker mentioned in an article in 2023. 

“The constant influx of content allows the consumer to project feelings of companionship, admiration, and reverence even as the creator has no idea who they are,” the student-led publication wrote.  

Further, it defined parasocial relationships as one-sided bonds between online performers and their audiences that establish a sense that the viewer knows the creator.  

“These relationships have become much more popular in the digital age since people constantly compare themselves or watch social media influencers. It’s inevitable to develop positive feelings toward the content creators people watch,” it elaborated. – Almira Louise. S. Martinez