ONLINE delivery platform foodpanda Philippines has partnered with the Online Food Vendors Marketing Cooperative (OFVMC) as part of its efforts to boost its assistance for local businesses.   

The company said the collaboration seeks to increase the assistance given to local entrepreneurs by expanding their market and establishing a name in the online marketplace.   

“Even beyond the new normal, there are still plenty of benefits that micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) can enjoy by getting access to digital platforms, including increased productivity, improved profitability, and reduced operational costs,” foodpanda Philippines Finance Director Leopoldo De Castro, Jr. said in a statement on Tuesday.   

“However, transitioning to digital platforms might be challenging for them. But with the combined assistance between us and OFVMC, they can navigate through this transition,” he added.   

OFVMC aims to help micro and small entrepreneurs in reaching a wider market. The cooperative also provides seminars in business operations.   

“For businesses which are just start-ups, joining the OFVMC will encourage member contribution and shared responsibility, not to mention the opportunity to earn interest in their share capital and expand their network in the industry as businesses,” Mr. De Castro said.   

foodpanda Philippines said the digital transformation of MSMEs is important to boosting economic growth.   

“Several factors can hold them back, which can make them more risk-averse in scaling up and officially start onboarding with an online food delivery digital platform,” Mr. De Castro said.   

“While challenges are ever-present, partnering with us also brings numerous benefits. The fees they pay to be on the platform are commensurate with the benefits they receive, including promotional programs, delivery subsidies, and platform development, which aims to help MSMEs increase their revenue or boost their sales,” he added.   

foodpanda Philippines operates across 150 cities and municipalities in the country. — R.M.D. Ochave