Productivity and customer experience management tools are the most sought-after tools among companies in the Philippines, with businesses of all sizes seeking to streamline processes for both employees and customers, according to multinational technology company Zoho Corp.

“We’ve found that digital platforms have increased productivity by 30% when implemented right,” said Gibu Mathew, vice president and general manager of Zoho Corp. Asia Pacific, in a virtual interview with BusinessWorld.

“It’s not about quantifiable revenue numbers. Digitalization allows you to help your employees to be more effective, and improve the experience of customers. That kind of benefit is the biggest benefit,” he added.

Though there’s already been substantial growth of businesses using Zoho’s tools in the Philippines over the years, there are still many that must adapt and future-proof.

Mr. Mathew explained that a major challenge today is the lack of integration between tools, with companies not streamlining and utilizing what they have.

“You need to have an open culture. It’s not just about having these digital tools, but the cultural readjustment within an organization to enable those benefits to fully seep into the organization,” he said.

Most notably, customer experience tools have become all the more important in this day and age, with customers visiting a company’s various channels at different stages — whether they’re learning about the company products, seeking to purchase, or just browsing.

Industries that gain much from productivity and customer experience tools are construction, information technology-business process management, health, e-commerce, manufacturing, and design.

The cost of human error and of slow decision-making can also be reduced with productivity tools, according to Mr. Mathew.

“That in itself is a huge value. How much more effective can your organization become because of less errors and faster decision making? We avoid that loss of opportunity,” he said. — Brontë H. Lacsamana