AMERICAN multinational cybersecurity company Palo Alto Networks, Inc. is seeking to work with Philippine businesses for protection against cyber threats as they adopt 5G technology to accelerate their digital transformation journey.

In an e-mailed press release on Tuesday, the company introduced its 5G-native security offering.

“This new offering enables service providers and enterprises to turn 5G networks into highly secure networks,” the company said.

Anand Oswal, senior vice president and general manager at Palo Alto Networks, said: “For 5G to live up to its promise of transforming industries, companies need the confidence that 5G networks and services have enterprise-grade security.”

Also among its security solutions is containerized 5G security, which is “designed to secure the 5G core and edge clouds even across multi-cloud and multi-vendor environments.”

It also offers “real-time visibility, prevention and correlation of 5G user/device threats.”

“Real-time correlation of threats can help identify which subscriber, device or machine might be the target of an attack, or where the root cause of threats might be,” Palo Alto Networks said.

This cybersecurity solution can also help in “forensics and accelerated security event investigation,” it added.

As for its 5G-native security offering, the company said: “5G networks allow service providers to offer a dedicated end-to-end piece of the network that gives enterprises the reliability and confidence to use 5G for their core business activities.”

“Palo Alto Networks 5G-native security lets service providers offer secure versions of these slices to their customers as a new product,” it added. — Arjay L. Balinbin