OPPO has rolled out the ColorOS 6 Open Beta for its F9 smartphone, with support for other phone models set to be introduced by September.

ColorOS 6 Open Beta offers users the latest Android Pie mobile operating system experience and comes with all-new customized features, Oppo said in a statement.

The new upgrade first hits Oppo’s F9 smartphone and will subsequently be rolled out for the flagship Find X by the end of August and selected Oppo devices by end-September.

All models upgraded to ColorOS 6 integrate the new features introduced by Android Pie, including improved interactions, enhanced AI (artificial intelligence) capabilities, and interface optimization.

Android Pie is powered by Google’s AI capabilities with Google Assistant, ARcore, and Google Lens, among others. Oppo’s integration of the latest software update provides a smoother experience for users.

ColorOS 6 also adopts a borderless design concept by combining light, subtle colors and a simple white background for a cleaner user interface. The operating system also shifts the navigation bar to the top of the screen and streamlines information hierarchy by replacing tapping with swiping to improve interactions.

The new OS also introduces two new photography features: Dazzle Color Mode and a brand-new portrait style. Dazzle Color Mode leverages mapping algorithms to restore vivid colors, reverse light, and improve shading in pictures.

Under the update, Oppo’s gaming optimization program Game Boost has likewise been upgraded to version 2.0. The addition of new core technologies Touch Boost and Frame Boost also improve game feel and frame rate stability.

ColorOS 6 also introduces security features to mitigate the risks of personal data leaks, including App Encryption, Private Safe, and Find my Device.

To ensure payment security, ColorOS 6 features automatic payment blocking, payment identity verification, and environment monitoring for payment apps.