MCLINICA PTE. LTD. has developed a mobile app called Electronic Drug Safety System (eDSS) seen to aid in the modernization and innovation of the Philippine healthcare system.
In a statement, mClinica said the mobile app — a donation to the Food and Drug Administration of the Philippines (FDA) — will help the agency monitor dangerous medicines and counterfeits and collect prescription information digitally.
The mobile app allows pharmacists to take a photo of the prescription and enter related information, which is more efficient compared to the old process that requires them to write down all the information in logbooks as required by the 1969 Philippine Pharmacy Act.
The data gathered can give information on what medicines are in demand which could alert authorities to outbreaks, analyze treatment patterns and provide supply information.
“Paper logbooks were used for long enough — it’s time to modernize and innovate. That’s exactly what the eDSS does. Not only does it cut bureaucracy, but the eDSS mobile app is going to help millions of Filipino patients each time medicine is purchased,” FDA Director General Nela Charade G. Puno was quoted as saying in the statement.
“The data generated from the eDSS creates a national pharmacy information system that helps the FDA allocate resources efficiently as well as protect patients. The data will help us find counterfeits and recall dangerous or ineffective medicines instantly,” Ms. Puno said.
Use of the eDSS will start in Manila, Cebu, and Davao this year, and is expected to be fully implemented by 2020. Rural areas with limited Internet access are exempted in the implementation.
FDA inspectors from Visayas and Mindanao were oriented on the use of the app last Sept. 25. By the end of October, all inspectors are expected to be ready to implement the eDSS.
mClinica is a social enterprise catering to pharmaceutical companies, pharmacies, governments and non-government organizations. It mainly develops mobile platforms such as SwipeRX, SnapRX and Connect for use by these entities. — V.M.P. Galang