Eastern Communications launched its latest products on Thursday, Aug. 16, which included connectivity services designed for businesses.
“What we do is know the plans of our subscribers, what they need and we introduce something new. We introduce services that will help them in terms of efficiency (and) in terms of growth or anything that will help them grow their business,” said the telco’s Sales Division Head Michael S. Castaneda during the launch, which coincided with the company’s celebration of its 140th year.
The company’s latest offerings include Ethernet International Private Line (EIPL) and Global MPLS (Multi-Protocol label switching) for fast global data services. These offerings will bring faster point-to-point and point-to-multipoint services that will transmit two-way traffic simultaneously locally and around the globe. Eastern Communications also provides scalable high bandwidth speeds that start at 1 Mbps and above through its partnerships with global carriers.
“These services are well suited for businesses in industries with overseas branches and offices such as banking and finance, manufacturing, transport, and distribution, ICT(Information and Communications Technology) and business process outsourcing(BPO) companies,” Eastern Communications said.
The company also unveiled products designed to address DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service Attacks). It said its DDOS Protection services are effective especially against Volumetric, Application Layer, and Protocol attacks which cause service and transaction disruption.
Eastern Communications also introduced a managed SD-WAN for more bandwidth availability which allows businesses to “dynamically route traffic across a hybrid WAN.” The Hybrid WAN provides better routing of bandwidth and optimized network transport, which is perfect for enterprises with multi-site and multi-branch businesses.
Others benefits of managed SD-WAN Eastern Communications stressed are “improved network visibility and control, security, and better network planning and operations as companies can control the entire network through a single interface and enforce policies with ease based on business requirements.”
Eastern Communications offers cloud services such as Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines(Azure) and Office 365 that will benefit IT professionals which they can use to “build, deploy, and manage applications through Microsoft’s global network of datacenters.” These new offerings could cut costs for companies as Azure this could provide computing resources on demand, which could forego the need of constructing an on-site data center or as Mr Paglinawan described “Infrastructure as a service.” — G.M. Cortez