Technology is one of the most important features that every car buyer should consider when looking for a vehicle. According to the 2017 Autotrader Car Tech Impact Study, nearly half or 48% of consumers prioritize in-vehicle technology over brand or body style. The study also noted that 70% of the respondents would consider paying more for driver-assist technology in their next vehicle purchase.

“Technology has become the deciding factor for car buyers selecting a vehicle,” Michelle Krebs, Autotrader senior analyst, was quoted as saying in a statement. “Automakers must deliver innovative features or risk consumers looking elsewhere.”

Considering the market demand, car manufacturers keep on introducing car models with more advanced technological features, offering consumers not only a comfortable ride but also a safer journey. Here are a few worth noting:

Audi A8 L

A8 L exhibits the future of luxury class with its new design language, an innovative touchscreen operating concept and a systematically electrified drive.

Apart from its brilliant style and distinctively structured external surface, this flagship model offers a cozy interior, packed with captivating entertainment features. Two high-resolution 10.2-inch LCD screens are installed in the rear seat. This dedicated entertainment system has its own DVD drive, a hard disk jukebox, two slots for SD memory cards and a separate Audi Music Interface for the integration of mobile players.

Audi A8 L is engineered with advanced driving technologies, including Common Rail System, Audi Valvelift System and Start-stop System. The Common Rail System permits a consistent, smooth and efficient combustion process, while the Audi Valvelift System helps achieve more power and torque, combined with less fuel consumption. Start-stop System, on the other hand, turns off the engine when the vehicle comes to a stop — for example at traffic lights — making the car more fuel-efficient.

Jaguar F-Pace

This compact luxury crossover sport utility vehicle (SUV) brings together sporty handling and dramatic beauty, as well as everyday practicality and efficiency. It is technologically advanced to the core, keeping its driver and passengers safe, connected and entertained.

F-Pace features Jaguar’s most advanced car infotainment system sever: Touch, which is standard on every F-Pace, and Touch Pro, which is available as an upgrade.

Touch comes with an eight-inch touchscreen, instrument cluster with five-inch central thin-film transistor display, Jaguar sound system, radio, USB, Bluetooth and auxiliary port connections.

Meanwhile, Touch Pro advances F‑Pace’s connectivity and entertainment to the highest level with a 10.2-inch touchscreen, 12.3-inch instrument panel display with virtual dials and full-screen 3D map view, Navigation Pro, Meridian sound system, radio, Bluetooth and two USB connections, 10 gigabytes of usable memory, and CD or DVD drive.

For added confidence and safety, F‑Pace features advanced driver assistance technologies, making every journey more relaxing and easier. One of which is the Lane Departure Warning, which notifies the driver with a visual alert and a gentle vibration of the steering wheel when the car detects an unintentional drift from its lane. It also comes with optional Park Assist that helps driver to easily park in tight spaces, and Surround Camera System that gives the driver 360 degree exterior vision on the touchscreen.

Land Rover Range Rover

The new Range Rover is simply made better with a host of innovative features. It is engineered with standard driver aids, such as Emergency Braking, Lane Departure Warning, and Front and Rear Parking Aid.

The Emergency Braking System displays a warning when a potential frontal collision is detected, and gives the driver time to take action. If no action is taken, it will apply the brakes to help reduce the severity of the possible impact.

Lane Departure Warning, on the other hand, determines when the car is unintentionally drifting out of lane. It notifies the driver through a visual alert and steering wheel vibration.9

Meanwhile, the Front and Rear Parking Aid makes parking in tight spaces easy by showing the driver how close the car is to obstacles.

This full-sized luxury SUV also has an optional rear-seat entertainment system that comes with two eight-inch screens, wireless headphones and remote, and USB and HDMI ports.

Lexus LS 500

Custom-tailored with the finest intricacies for an unparalleled comfort and safety, the new Lexus LS 500 is ultimately a luxury disruptor in the sedan segment.

It is equipped with 14 sensor-controlled SRS air bags that provide enhanced protection for all occupants; a Blind Spot Monitor that informs the driver when vehicles are approaching behind; a Radar Cruise Control that helps maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front; and a Parking Assist feature that guides parking attempts and provides additional driving and braking force to prevent any collisions.

For the highest level of comfort and prestige, all rear seat windows of this luxury sedan have adjustable power sunshades for protection against the glaring sun to achieve optimal lighting. It also features an auto lift-up function, a Lexus-first air suspension system that automatically raises the vehicle for passengers to enter and exit with ease.

Mitsubishi Xpander

This newest addition to Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corp.’s extensive product lineup perfectly suits a versatile Filipino lifestyle. It comes in four variants: the GLX Manual Transmission (MT), GLX Plus Automatic Transmission (AT), GLS AT and GLS Sport AT.

The all-new Mitsubishi Xpander is engineered with top-of-class safety features, including Mitsubishi Motors’ proprietary RISE (Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution) body, which is reinforced to absorb the impact of a collision. It is also equipped with Anti-locking Braking System to help keep the driver in control of the vehicle when braking on slippery surfaces.

In addition to these features, the top-of-the-line GLS Sport variant has Hill Start Assist and Active Stability Control. The former automatically maintains the brakes to prevent the vehicle from rolling backward when driving on a steep slope, while the latter automatically apply brakes and suppress the engine output at the same time in order to stabilize the vehicle during sudden maneuver on slippery surface conditions.

Suzuki Vitara

Suzuki Vitara offers unprecedented value by integrating new concept, advanced technologies and credibility built upon Suzuki’s SUV heritage.

Its sporty yet cozy interior is packed with technology features, including an Android Infotainment Audio System with 10-inch capacitive touchscreen, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and USB connectivity, and GPS navigation system.

To ensure that driving is equally safe and comfortable, Vitara has a meter cluster, designed with speedometer and tachometer on the sides, and a multi-information display in the middle. The display shows information such as instantaneous and average fuel consumption, outside temperature, driving mode and parking sonar warnings.

In addition, as long as the user is carrying the remote-control key, doors can be locked and unlocked by pressing a keyless entry button on the car door handle. And once inside the car, the user can start the engine by simply pressing the engine’s start/top button.

Other key features of the Vitara include an electronic stability program, a hill hold control, a lightweight impact-absorbing body, and a brake pedal release system.