Apotheke Craft Spirits, a Makati-based company that imports and distributes quality spirits from boutique distilleries, advocates for better drinking through education and better understanding of each spirit category.

According to Simon Côté, Apotheke managing partner, the brands carried by the company share the same philosophy of quality over quantity, and a family-driven approach to producing spirits. “Craft spirits involve the owner of the brand directly supervising the entire process of fabrication with tender love and care. Craft spirits are unique in opposition to industrial-made spirits, which are made in millions of bottles in manufacturing style of production,” he said.

Apotheke’s inventory includes Michter’s 20 Year Old Single Barrel Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey (Php98,000), a limited release with intense notes of black cherry, rich molasses, roasted pecans, and toasted charred oak. Meanwhile, Michter’s US*1 range (Php3,150) is a more accessible line composed of bottles of sour mash, Kentucky straight bourbon, and Kentucky straight rye.

Mr. Côté can arrange a private tasting around different spirit categories based on a client’s preferences. Gin, he noticed, is “popular”. These events consist of “sipping together” the different gins and discussing their taste profiles after introducing the story of each distillery. Various botanicals are made available for clients who want to make their own concoctions based on the taste profile of each gin. Apotheke prefers private tastings to consist of groups 12-14 people for better interaction but the company has done tastings for parties of 35. Clients are charged for the bottles at their regular retail price, plus a Php15,000 fee for Mr. Cote’s services and knowledge.

For more information, look for @apothekecraftspirits on Instagram and Facebook.