Taking road trips with TRUE LUXURY

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EVERYONE deserves a break from work, even business executives and entrepreneurs. Their jobs can be so demanding that it steals time for self oftentimes leading to burn-outs.

There is such a thing as executive burnout that is detailed in an article written by the late psychologist Harry Levinson in the July-August 1996 issue of Harvard Business Review.  He wrote, “Many contemporary managerial situations also provide the perfect breeding ground for cases of burnout. Today’s managers face increasing time pressures with little respite. Even though benefits such as flexible working hours and longer vacations offer some relief – for the most part, the modern executive’s workday is long and hard.”

He might as well talking about the situation today, which, frankly, is no different 2 decades ago. Who knows – it could be even worse today.

The brief opportunity for leisure nowadays is luxury. And is best enjoyed with family. Instead of the usual dinner dates and movie outings, try something different like a road trip. The spectacular views calm the nerves; and the bonding strengthens relationships.

Therefore,  the vehicle can make or break the entire experience. It is then important to take time and study the many options available in the market.

The Hyundai H350 is a no-nonsense choice.  It has a cabin standing height that breaches the 6-foot mark on the tape, and a spacious legroom of 3.5 feet.  With a vehicle this spacious, each and every trip is an opportunity to relax, chat and laugh.

Fourteen (14) family members or friends can jump in the fun with the H350.   They can mill around the spacious cabin and enjoy ergonomically-designed seats during their short naps throughout the trip.

Safety should not be an issue. There is a whole gamut of safety technologies in the H350.  It has a vehicle dynamic control system, which combines all electronic driving assists to keep the vehicle firmly on course by independently activating the brakes.   Its hill-start assist control prevents dangerous roll-back on an incline, making sure that a firm brake grip is maintained before quickly getting the vehicle back on track by pressing the accelerator.  The emergency stop signal activates hazard warning lights when heavy braking is detected to alert other drivers preventing rear-end collision. And the roll-over mitigation that reduces roll-over risk during a sudden turn.

H350 is up to the task of moving people and cargo on any terrain. Powered by a Hyundai 2.5 CRDi turbo-diesel engine and 6-speed manual transmission for rear wheel drive, it unleashes maximum torque of 43 kg-m at 1,750 rpm and power output of 170 ps at 3,600 rpm.

With a reliable workhorse and true luxury like the H350, a business executive and his family have only one thing to worry – the itinerary.