Taiwanese firm mulls PHL expansion

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By Charmaine A. Tadalan

TAIPEI — Taiwanese electronics firm Protech Systems Co., Ltd. is setting sights on Southeast Asia, including a possible expansion in the Philippines in the next two years.

“We have to move our focus outside of the Japanese market like the Southeast Asia. The Southeast Asian market is very high. It has high potential,” Protech Vice-President for Sales Simon Teng said during the recent Taitronics 2019 pre-show in Taiwan.

“We are spreading our focus to the market we are not operating well in the past.”

Protech largely manufactures retail point-of-sales systems, kiosks, and industrial PC products, which the company can also customize according to their clients’ needs.

The company will be among the participants of this year’s Taipei International Electronic Show, Taitronics 2019, which will be held on Oct. 16-18.

At present, majority of the company’s revenue is generated from the Japan market with 42%, followed by Europe and America with 35% and 18%, respectively. The remaining 5% is from other regions.

“The first move that we made in Southeast Asia, we opened branch in Singapore because we set up a holding company there, by way of the Singapore holding company. Then we will make further step of moving to a branch office to the Philippines or Malaysia,” Mr. Teng said.

“I think I can foresee in the coming future, maybe just one or two years later, we can have overseas branch in the Philippines, in Manila.”

Aside from its Taiwan headquarters, Protech also has a global office, particularly in Tokyo, Japan; California, USA; Madrid, Spain; and Dusseldorf, Germany.

Mr. Teng noted there is a high demand for Protech’s kiosk products in the Philippines.

“It can run 24 hours a day for seven times a week. You don’t have to pay overtime salary and there’s no problem for the kiosk,” he said.

“The purpose of developing kiosk is not to replace human being job, it’s to replace the regular boring job from the people, and the people can do higher value-added job.”