TAGAYTAY HIGHLANDS is adapting to the new normal by turning over units virtually through video communications applications.

“The virtual turnover procedure is a contactless process in which Tagaytay Highlands officially hands over the property to the buyer in real-time via Google Meet or Zoom. A Customer Service Officer guides the client step-by-step — from property inspection until signing of acceptance documents,” the developer said in a statement.

Clients are briefed about turnover documents, house construction and move-in guidelines during the turnover orientation. Turnover forms are also signed digitally by clients.

Tagaytay Highlands said they coordinate with the client on the turnover schedule.

“When the official turnover is done, the developer endorses the client to the Homeowners Association to further familiarize the client not only with the property, but also with the Tagaytay Highlands community of their purchased property,” the company said.

Tagaytay Highlands is a leisure development of the SM Group of Companies.