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Five simple tips on transforming home spaces into productive workspaces

As the world shifts to the new normal of remote work, many professionals are struggling to carve out pockets of productivity in their homes. Manolo Guanzon, architect and founder of people-centered design studio HADO, shares five simple tips.

Rethinking workspaces for employees’ well-being

Workplaces have been modified through time, from the open office to cubicles to coworking spaces. Much more at this present time have workspaces been...

The Latest Trends Influencing Philippine Office Space Changes

Over the last decade, the only constant in the workspace sector has been change. In the Philippines and across the world, the way we...

A robust local office market

Despite slower economic expansion in 2018, the Philippine real estate industry remained resilient as a result of strong demand in its major segments, especially...

The near future of Philippine office space

Owing to the country’s continued economic growth, powered by growing consumption and ongoing infrastructure development, the Philippines is on the fast track towards prominence...

KMC Solutions adds more flexible workspaces to its portfolio

KMC SOLUTIONS recently launched three flexible workspaces in Metro Manila, and is looking to open more in the Visayas region as part of the company’s plan to ramp up its portfolio to 10,000 seats by the end of the year.